According to, chocolate is created by roasting and grinding coco beans, which then creates a dense chocolate liquor. To add taste, sugar is added along with the rolling, pressing, and shaping of the liquor. This process then creates the world's favorite dessert.

While all chocolate is made with the same basic steps, all types and brands taste different. For example, there is a distinctive taste between a Hersey kiss and a Ghiradelli square. Along with that, every chocolate shop you walk into has a different smell and all the products taste unique. 

Here is why Li-Lac Chocolate has the greatest chocolates in all of New York City.

1. The company was born and raised in New York City.

Li-Lac chocolate company was created by George Demetrious, when he traveled to New York from Greece in 1923. He studied the art of chocolate making growing up, and therefore decided to open up his own chocolate shop in Greenwich village. Since then, Li-Lac has opened up up five shops, all in New York City, and one huge factory in Brooklyn, where they hand make every piece of chocolate. This allows for complete freshness in every bite.

2. You can visit the factory.

Li-Lac's chocolate factory is located in Industry city in Brooklyn, New York. The ground floor of the ginormous factory has floor length windows so crowds can come and see the process of the chocolate being made. Somedays the company offers tours throughout the entire factory, and somedays they offer free samples of hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate.

3. There are thousands of options.

Caramel bars, Chocolate covered orange peels, S'mores bars, and PB&J bars. And those are just a few. Li-Lac chocolate prides itself on creating unique and gourmet chocolate everyday. At the five locations, they carry every type of chocolate you can imagine and in every way. 

4. "Specialty molds."

Imagine normal household objects. Now imagine them in chocolate forms. That's exactly what the famous chocolate company does. The chefs create chocolate dogs, chocolate buildings, chocolate food, chocolate soccer balls, and chocolate letters and numbers, to name a few.  

5. They cater.

At the next event you go to in New York City, look for a pop up tent from Li-Lac. Over time, more and more companies have been introduced the the factory and loving it. Li-Lac caters to hundreds of events, all across New York and will be happy to book your next one.

6. You can eat their candy in California.

You heard me, they ship! Year round the company packs boxes for millions of people, so that they can share their recipes and creations. The chocolate is also delivered fresh and in good condition, ready to be enjoyed.

7. The chocolate is to die for.

The chocolate is obviously amazing. Everyone that has purchased one small piece of Li-Lac chocolate has enjoyed it. Something about the specific methods and steps that the chefs do, makes the chocolate special and irreplaceable.

Li-Lac Chocolate is one in a million. Next time you see the purple and white sign, step inside. Every dollar and every calorie is worth it. And if you're one for a sweet tooth, it just might surprise you.