Whether you find yourself in need of a quick meal or are trying to grub post game day, Baba Dari can help you out. The new Mediterranean grill is just what Ann Arbor has always needed. Mo Dari, owner of Baba Dari, gave us the scoop on his newly renovated, made-to-order style Mediterranean eatery, and we've come up with seven reasons why Babi Dari is, undoubtedly, going to be an irresistible temptation in this college town. 

1. Out With the Old

A year ago, you might have passed by 601 Packard, unaware that a family-owned gem was hidden behind the brick walls of Ali Baba. Newly renovated, flaunting bright colors and a fresh interior, Baba Dari is sure to grab the attention (and the hunger) of any passerby. 

2. Family Over Everything

Baba Dari's success can be 100% attributed to the Dari family. According to Mo, the restaurant has been a "meeting spot" for his extended family to reunite, catch up, talk business, and enjoy the results of their years of work since it opened. Chances are you will meet a new Dari family member every time you come by because they are all involved in some way. 

#SpoonTip: The key to owning a business as a family? "No titles." Mo explained that every family member, along with his or her opinions, is equally as important and powerful.

3. It's Sustainable

From the architecture, to the soda machine, to even the leftover food, Baba Dari is designed to be completely eco-friendly. Mo admits he is a fanatic about waste, a conscientiousness that dates back to his years of helping the homeless in Ohio. At the end of the day, he makes sure that no food is left behind. Whatever isn't used is donated after closing time. Mo understands that one of the most important parts of owning a business is remembering to give back. 

4. It's Customizable

It's 2017, and customizable plates are the hottest culinary trend. Babi Dari knows that you expect that luxury, and they're giving it to you, relieving any possible menu anxiety. You're guaranteed to leave with everything you wanted and no threat of having to eat around items or pick things out. 

5. It's Fresh

Mo reveals the biggest determinant of a good meal: freshness. Every ingredient is locally sourced or shipped fresh daily. The halal (meat cooked on rotating skewer) is prepared every morning and served fresh off of the skewer any time of day. Mo admits, "If we run out of halal, that's it for the day." At Baba Dari, it's fresh meals, or no meals at all. 

6. It's Fast

Baba Dari is starting a movement, proving that food can be affordable, fast, and healthy all at once. Today, healthy and quality fast food is somewhat rare, but Mo has it figured out. Step foot into Baba Dari, and you are guaranteed your fresh meal within three minutes and 15 seconds (trust us, this has been tested).

7. It's Delicious

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Good service, great values, and even better food. Stop by Baba Dari for one great meal that is sure to turn into many more in the future. Eating solo? Don't sweat it. Mo and the employees are eager to meet the customers and form relationships with the regulars.

#SpoonTip: Mo recommends (and so do we) ordering the chicken shawarma with fresh garlic and tzatziki or the falafel bowl with homemade tahini. 

Simple as that. Babi Dari Mediterranean Grill will make you feel like Mardi Gras is happening in your mouth. No matter what you're hankering for, from gyros to baklava, Baba Dari is sure to fulfill your wildest Mediterranean fantasies.