Mardi Gras is basically one huge parade through New Orleans. But you're stuck in your hometown, so how can you get the Mardi Gras feel if you're not witnessing/participating in a parade? Turns out, it's not that hard to recreate your own last minute parade.

To celebrate Mardi Gras absolutely anywhere, all you have to do is follow these five simple steps:

1. Paper Mâché

chocolate, cake
Priscilla Flowers

Get some glue (or eggs), newspaper a,nd all the chicken wire you can at your local Walmart then go to town on your car. Think Mardi Gras thoughts: fleur de lis, jesters, masks, a surplus of alcohol. Create your shape and slap that masterpiece on your car. Instant parade float!

2. Park your car in the middle of a busy street

Preferably where you cut off all traffic. Everyone needs to see your beautiful work and each car that is backed up is just a bonus addition to your parade. If you made extra paper mâché creations, just place them on top of some of the cars you've blocked. They may be angry at first, but the decorations are sure to put them in the celebration spirit.

3. Wait for the police to arrive.

When they do, calmly explain that you're doing a flash mob style of parade. More than likely, they'll admire your spirit and ask to join. Before you know it, you'll have snagged a free police escort. Sweet!

4. Get on the local news.

Now that the police are involved, it's just a matter of time before the local news stations catch wind and jump on the chance for a story. They'll help spread the news about your spontaneous parade throwing and get more people to show up.

5. Get crowned Queen/King of Mardi Gras

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Priscilla Flowers

Now that the entire town has seen how excellently you've brought Mardi Gras to them, their only choice is to name you as royalty. Don't be surprised if City Hall already has a cape and crown for you. Also, get used to the roses and beads being thrown at you because now everyone wants to be on your court. You might even get the key to the city!

Congratulations! You've successfully convinced *ahem*forced*ahem* an entire town to celebrate Mardi Gras anywhere in a very Ferris Bueller way. I suggest singing Danke Schoen on your float. But please, leave the flashing in New Orleans.