We are always looking for new places to eat and hang out with friends, but we often discover that all the cafés are pretty much the same. With similar decors and food preparations, one's café hopping session becomes monotonous and boring.

The Vintage Avenue is one place that won't disappoint you. Located in the Hudson Lane, The Vintage Avenue is a multi-story heaven which has so many reasons for being loved and appreciated. Here are a few of the many reasons you need to eat here ASAP.

1. Dope Ambience 

The Vintage Avenue has a strong game as far as its interiors are concerned. They have beautifully decorated walls that are unique and very pretty. With fairy lights and great sitting options, this place is perfect for a date with your special someone or with your friends.

2. Freak Shakes

What's better than a shake? A shake that is loaded with more ingredients. The Vintage Avenue has a special range of Freak Shakes that will satisfy all your shake cravings.

3. Their Bar Baar-Baar

mint, ice
Kritika Narula

The Vintage Avenue has its very own bar (which is very rare in Hudson lane). This makes it the café perfect for the days you want to celebrate or grieve over your ex or just want to get some cheap booze.

4. Loads of Appetizers 

spaghetti, pasta, macaroni, sauce, vegetable
Simran Bajaj

Indian? Chinese? Continental? Burgers? Pastas? Pizzas? They have it all. You can order anything from garlic bread to spaghetti, and this place provides you with a variety of options as far as appetizers and snacks are concerned. 

5. Relatively Inexpensive

vegetable, salad, bread, meat
Kritika Narula

The Vintage Avenue provides you the best experience (with its amazing food, beverages, and ambience) at very reasonable prices. It is the place to be when you want to eat like a king without spending those little gold coins of yours.

6. Terrace

In addition to the multiple floors, The Vintage Avenue has seating options on its terrace too. The terrace is perfect for the days with weather that wants you to leave everything and just enjoy the cool breeze. Just like the Spoon Delhi team is chilling there in this picture! 

#SpoonTip: The terrace is open on specific days or on request; confirm with the cafe before you start making plans. 

7. Amazing Food Preparation

bread, cheese, pasta, vegetable, parsley
Bhavya Bansal

With a menu so long, The Vintage Avenue gives you a variety of options to choose from. Some food items on my must-try list are Puchka On The Rocks, White Sauce Pizza, Choco Donut Freak Shake, and Gulab Jamun with ice cream.