If you live in Tallahassee, you know that Gordos has some of the funniest, punniest, and dirty announcement signs. I've been here for 3 years and I've seen my fair share of them, but recently they've been hilarious. Whoever comes up with what to put on that announcement sign: props.  

*The signs are listed in no particular order and do not reflect the opinion of the Spoon University at Florida State Staff in its entirety.*

1. The Classic: Put a Cuban in Your Mouth

A Cuban sandwich from Gordos always cures my SoFlo withdrawals. If you're from Miami and you're missing the food, they have some fire dishes to help satiate you until you get to go back home. 

2. $3 Cuba Libre Ding Dong Castro is Dead

One of the most recent announcements: celebrating the liberation of Cuba and the recent death of dictator Fidel Castro. Morbid, but still punny. If you're Cuban and you didn't actually laugh out loud, you're not a real one. 

3. We Cleaned Up Our Deck Just For Your Mom

Gordos is so thoughtful, keeping up their appearance for all of the lucky moms that visited Tallahassee for parents' weekend. 

4. Come Get Smashed B4 Your House Does

Remember earlier this semester when hurricane Hermine stormed through Tallahassee? We're Noles so we don't let hurricanes stop us from living our best lives. Of course Gordos saw this as an opportunity to drink, just like the rest of Tally did. An upcoming hurricane is a perfect excuse to get smashed. Any occasion is a perfect occasion to get smashed. 

5. Come in the Back Door and Tell Us You Love Us

I'll let you figure this one out by yourself. 

6. We Trimmed Our Bush So Now Our Deck Looks Bigger

Their deck may look bigger, but it isn't. If it was, I wouldn't have so much trouble finding a table before happy hour. 

7. Everyone's Favorite Spot the G Spot

Every FSU student's go-to Cuban restaurant. Punny announcements, strong Gordo Smashes, and dank Cuban food? Of course it's everyone's favorite G-spot.