I have to be honest, I am not a big hamburger person, but when I want a burger I really need a burger. This concept may seem a little weird, but sometimes all you need is the perfect burger and the world just seems like a better place.

Every time I'm in one of these moods I make it my mission to try a different burger place in State College and throughout my three years at Penn State thus far I have compiled this list. Here are the 7 Best Places to Get a Hamburger at Penn State:

1. The Field Burger and Tap

I will always stand by the statement that I think that The Field is one of the best restaurants in State College. In fact, I always go here for my birthday dinner with my friends. There is no getting around the fact that their burgers and fries honestly may be the best I have ever had. They also have tons of options for those that are either vegetarian or do not like burgers.

2. Baby's Burgers and Shakes

Baby's has more of a diner feel to it with their jukeboxes and 50's themed decor. Plus as most diners do, they have great burgers. My favorite is their burger topped with mac and cheese. Their menu is also filled with delicious sides, like fries, crab cakes, and mac and cheese bites.

3. Flipps

Flipps was honestly one of my favorite parts of being a freshman and living in the East dorms. Located conveniently in Findley Commons, Flipps offers breakfast in the morning and burgers throughout noon and night. For a campus-run eating establishment, they really know how to make a good burger. If you don't believe me, go try it out. 

4. Sauly Boy's

My favorite downtown burger place has to be Sauly Boy's. Sauly Boy's is known for its burgers and they have many options (even for people who prefer chicken or grilled cheese). I cannot talk about Sauly Boy's without talking about their fries. Their loaded Sauly Fries are the perfect accompaniment to anything on their menu.

5. The Corner Room

The Corner Room is the kind of place that you either love or hate - but even those that aren't the biggest fans have to admit that they have some pretty good burgers. This is also a State College staple so I definitely recommend giving it a shot to anyone visiting or anyone that has just moved to State College.

6. Five Guys

Five Guys is known for their burgers for a reason: they're simple and always delicious. I know that every town has a Five Guys, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be recognized in State College. If you are looking for an easy, quick, and consistently good burger then Five Guys is the place for you. 

No matter where you decide to go for a burger during your next craving, State College has some great options. There seems to be a burger place to fit every person. If you have a favorite, go a little outside your comfort zone and try a different burger joint next time. You won't be disappointed.