Eating out in New York City is both a blessing and a curse– the city boasts a plethora of great restaurants, but many of those restaurants are dishing out pretty heavy foods. My Instagram feed is filled with pictures of wild milkshakes, cheesy pizza, and massive doughnuts from all around the city. If you're in downtown Manhattan and on the hunt for healthier options, though, try some of these trendy restaurants that don't require stretchy pants.

1. Bluestone Lane

bread, cheese, toast, avocado
Mia Edelson

With multiple locations downtown, you can't miss Bluestone Lane. This coffee shop serves one of the best avocado toasts in all of the city. Bluestone Lane has perfected the bread to avocado ratio and tops it with bright tomatoes. Pair this toast with a fresh juice for a wholesome start to your day. But heads up– different locations have slightly different menus, so make sure the café you go to has what you're looking for.

2. Honeybrains

basil, lettuce, vegetable, spinach, salad
Mia Edelson

Honeybrains is probably the healthiest on this list. Started by a neurologist, Honeybrains uses science to choose ingredients that produce great benefits for the consumer's health. I highly recommend the oatmeal, as well as adding the simple berry side with mint and honey to make the hearty breakfast even better. You have to stop in here for a meal– it's a no-brainer. 

3. Dig Inn

Mia Edelson

Dig Inn is my number one spot for a quick lunch. At Dig Inn, the costumer chooses a base– greens, farro, or rice– before adding sides and protein. Side options are very veggie-focused, with choices like brussels sprouts, carrots, and beets. On top of that, Dig Inn offers simple proteins like wild sockeye salmon and herb grilled steak. Fast casual at its finest. 

4. Cookshop

Mia Edelson

You can find Cookshop directly across from the High Line, a public park on the West Side. If you're in the area checking out Chelsea Market or the Whitney, hike up a few blocks to dine here. Options like the mezze salad and lunch bowl make this homey spot great for a healthy dish. 

5. Nix

Mia Edelson

If you're looking for a high-end restaurant dishing out healthy meals, Nix is the place to go. Recently awarded a Michelin star, this vegetarian restaurant really thinks outside of the box and will please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Don't miss the cauliflower tempura and shiitake cacio e pepe– an unexpected twist on the classic Italian dish with mushrooms instead of pasta. 

6. Cafe Clover

Mia Edelson

My favorite on this list, Cafe Clover is the perfect spot for a casual dinner. Its menu items like carrots with cashew cheese and sweet potato carpaccio are super inventive. Plus, if you're on the hunt for an amazing brunch, they've got it covered with dishes like quinoa pancakes and wheatberry biscuits. Healthy eats in a cute restaurant– what more could you ask for?

So, all you veggie-lovers looking for healthy and trendy restaurants, check out these six in downtown Manhattan. No one can go wrong with a trusty grain bowl from Dig Inn or an organic salmon entree from Cafe Clover. And, as always, remember to treat yourself to dessert.