With the heat wave sweeping KC, National Ice Cream Day could not have come soon enough. I mean seriously with these temperatures, eating loads of ice cream is basically a necessity right now. With your weekend plans are already made for you, the next step is figuring out where to go. Don't worry we've made your job even easier—we know how kind of us—and rounded up the best local KC ice cream shops for you try on this momentous occasion.

1. Betty Rae's   

Betty Rae's has a special treat waiting for you this Sunday: their new barbecue ice cream. This ice cream has swirled caramel, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que’s original sauce and candied burnt ends. Betty Rae's also has dinner covered. There will be food trucks like the Casual Foodie Truck and Mad Man's BBQ outside of the shop to sate your hunger.   

2. Cirque Du Sucre

Cirque du Sucre is known throughout Kansas City for its ice cream macarons sandwiches. However, this Saturday evening they have another treat also waiting for us: ice cream floats!  

3. Westport Ice Cream Bakery

Westport Ice Cream Bakery opened up a few months ago after Murray's shut down. This ice cream shop has flavors like Coffee Chip, Key Lime, Malted Milk Ball, and of course the classics. They also serve authentic New Jersey Italian ices and sherbets. Lucky for us this ice cream shop is open every day, year round!

4. Topsy's

You may know Topsys for their creative popcorn, but did you know they also have ice cream? Now that is a combination that we are not salty about!

5. Paleterias Tropicana 

Tropicana is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Southwest Boulevard and is known to serve the most authentic, homemade Mexican ice cream in KC. Just one lick of their popsicles will have you going Ayyy poppy!  

6. Glacé

Glacé, a KC classic. Known for their unique, artistic flavors, Glacé never fails to disappoint. 

With all these great places to try in KC, we better not see you at McDonalds this Sunday. I mean let's be honest, their ice cream machine is probably broken anyway.

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