Since it's basically summer again in Kansas City with this heat, at least now we have an excuse to eat some ice cream. Actually who am I kidding, ice cream is great in any weather.

And lucky for us, Kansas City is home to some of the best frozen treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. From the classic homemade to quirky seasonal flavors, here's a list of the best frozen desserts KC has to offer.

1. Betty Rae's

Betty Rae's knows how to keep it 100. They use the freshest and realest ingredients. One lick of their mango ice cream will make you question whether you are eating ice cream or an actual mango.

2. Tropicana

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One bite into their delectable frozen popsicles, and instantly Enrique's Tonight (I'm lovin you) starts playing in the background.

3. Cirque de Sucre

Let’s just say their treats are more beautiful than I’ll ever be. Cirque de Sucre is actually an ice cream truck and you can find out their location by checking their Instagram. Embrace your inner classy self by nibbling on her decadent ice cream macarons.

4. Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies

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A step inside and your taken down memory lane to the classic old school ice cream parlor. Known for their ice cream cookie sandwiches, you can be assured that their cookies taste just as homey and scrumptious as their ice cream.

5. Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard

Tucked inside the quaint neighborhood of Brookside, this custard has all of the neighborhood's charm and sweetness.

6. Glacé

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Glacé is a symbol of local effort. The genius behind the artisan ice cream, Christopher Elbow, works with local restaurants and food companies to bless us with delicious flavors chock-full of KC pride.

7. Miami Ice

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Miami Ice is known for its snow cones. They offer the unique combination of custard topped with shaved ice. You're basically rewarded for finishing your snow cone with frozen custard—what's not to love?

8. Sheridan's

Sheridan's is like that old snug pair of blue jeans in your closet. It's always there and never lets you down.