There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful Boston summer days than by eating a delicious meal outside. Once the weather starts to turn the corner from winter to spring and summer, my mind goes straight to food trucks! Food trucks are fun, and a great way to change up your eating-out experience. Boston has long been home to many fantastic food trucks that you can find all over the city. The next time you're looking to get out of the office for your lunch hour, here is a list of Boston food truck crowd favorites you need to try this summer!

1. The Cookie Monstah 

Michaela Gillis

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth?? The Cookie Monstah will do just that! Founded out of a love of cookies and brightening people's days with a sweet treat, the Cookie Monstah has become one of people's favorite Boston food trucks. Try one of their delicious homemade cookies, a scoop of ice cream and a cookie, or combine two cookies with a giant scoop of Richardson's ice cream for one of their iconic ice cream sandwiches. No matter what you choose to order, you can't go wrong with The Cookie Monstah!

Since starting the food truck, they have also opened a storefront bake shop in Danvers that sells their specialty cookies and a small selection of other baked goods. You can also find them any day of the week at the Greenway Carousel, along with varying other locations posted daily on their instagram!

2. Bowl Boyz

Michaela Gillis

Açaí bowls are not just a ~phase~ they're a lifestyle! Nothing kickstarts the week like a delectable fruit-covered açaí bowl from Bowl Boyz! Bowl Boyz does it all when it comes to açaí and pitaya bowls. Start out with your choice of açaí or pitaya, then add all your favorite fruits. As if this is not good enough, add granola, almonds, Nutella, peanut butter, or agave to top it off! 

Not only are their bowls awesome, but so is their service! Any day of the week you can find them posting fun content on their instagram and interacting with their loyal following. They also have an epic setup complete with benches to enjoy their bowls, fun music and a giant game of Jenga. You can find them any day of the week at 10 Industrial Way in Norwood (hours posted on their instagram daily)! Even though they are not located in downtown Boston, they are absolutely worth the trip!

3. Oath Pizza 

Oath Pizza started out as restaurant and has recently expanded their reach to the food truck world. They are known for their homemade and hand-stretched pizza crust, and their fresh local ingredients. Oath offers a wide variety of combinations, from their "Luau" (mozzarella, pulled pork, pineapple, crushed red pepper, bbq sauce and scallions) to their "Spicy Mother Clucker" (mozzarella, red onions, spicy chicken, sriracha, aioli, and scallions) and their "Doughie" (mozzarella, roasted potato, bacon, ranch, and scallions). 

If their amazing flavors and fresh ingredients are not enough to get you to try out the truck, Oath even has breakfast and dessert pizzas! Start your morning with eggs and cheese on Oath's famous pizza crust, or end your day with their "Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pizza." This dessert pizza has chocolate chunk cookie dough, ricotta and powdered sugar! You can find the food truck's location on Oath's website where they have a calendar of where it will be. Grab a pizza from the Oath food truck today for a great pizza that will look AND taste good!

4. Roxy's 

Roxy's Grilled Cheese is known for being the first Boston food truck! Started out of a love of bread and cheese, Roxy's delivers their famous grilled cheeses with the best ingredients they can offer. Since first opening, they have branched out to add more than just grilled cheese to their menu and have opened storefront restaurants.

At their food trucks you can find grilled cheese filled with anything from bacon to tomatoes, short ribs, or ham (and that's just the start!). You can also find salad bowls at the food truck, or sandwiches and burgers at one of their restaurants. You can find them roaming all over Boston, or you can even book them for your next party! 

5. The Chicken and Rice Guys 

One of the more recent food trucks onto the scene, The Chicken and Rice Guys first joined the streets in 2012. Their menu centers around chicken with rice or salad plates. They have a variety of options for fillings from chicken, to tofu or lamb. Top it off with your choice of their many sauces (creamy garlic, BBQ, hot, extra hot, or cilantro)! Feeling a little extra?? Add more pita, hummus, pita chips, or baklava to your order. 

Like many other food trucks, they have opened multiple restaurants since first starting their food truck, and are also available for catering. Switch up your typical lunch and try something new at The Chicken and Rice Guys! You will love their fresh ingredients, big flavor and reasonable prices. Find where they are on their website or their instagram

6. The Bacon Truck

Nothing makes a day better quite like bacon, and The Bacon Truck has it all! The Bacon Truck has everything from BLTs to grilled cheese with bacon, or turkey melts. Spice up any of the sandwiches with habanero garlic pickles, bacon, or the bacon scallion hash. If you haven't filled your bacon fix yet, try a bacon covered truffle, candied bacon, or nutella covered bacon! For the extreme bacon lovers, you can hire The Bacon Truck for special events with their extra special menu (grab some deep-fried bacon wrapped hot dogs, deep-fried mac & cheese bites, or bacon & bourbon BBQ pulled pork sandwiches)!

The Bacon Truck was started by two friends who wanted to cater to all bacon lovers. They serve only the best bacon, made locally in South Boston. You can find them any day all over Boston, or at their new cafe in Charlestown (check their Twitter for the most accurate whereabouts)! 

This summer, take the time to get out of the office and try one of the many food trucks in the Boston area. Not only are you getting a good meal, but you are also helping to support local small businesses AND you get to enjoy the beautiful Boston summer weather! You can also consider getting a food truck for your next event and wow everyone in attendance!