Everyone knows Steph Curry as the 2-time NBA MVP, but where was he before that? Steph began his rise to fame at Davidson College. Davidson is a college town with a main street filled with delicious restaurants. While Steph may have tried to save his money by frequently eating at their dining hall, the Commons, I bet he branched out every once in a while to restaurants nearby.

Steph may be the reigning MVP of the NBA now, but back in the day he was a typical college student. That being said, he would not hit up the fancy restaurants in Davidson, he would go to the college-friendly places. Unfortunately, I could not score an interview with Steph in the flesh, but I asked some other student athletes from Davidson where they like to go out to eat to get the inside scoop.

1. Big Bite’z Grill

Steph Curry

Photo by Elise DeVoe

Big Bite’z is a staple in the Davidson area. Located just 2 exits away from Davidson, it is the perfect place to get a cheap, healthy meal. They specialize in fresh Mediterranean food that is perfect for a student-athlete. When they say Big Bite’z, they are not kidding. The portion sizes are big enough to make anyone full, from the tallest guy on the team to scrawny little Steph.

I work for Davidson College at the Lake Campus during the summer, so when I break for lunch, Big Bite’z is the go-to place. I don’t usually consider salad a full meal, but the Greek Salad with grilled chicken is to die for. It comes with huge chunks of chicken and a delicious Greek dressing. You can also get Pita bread and Pita sauce with your meal for a small added fee.

2. Toast

Steph Curry

Photo courtesy of @cbs306 on Instagram

Toast, which is conveniently located on North Main Street in Davidson, is a great place to go for breakfast. Even though he was a serious athlete, I’m sure he went there for a quick hangover cure once in a while. Toast has everything you want for breakfast. They have eggs, omelets, pancakes, and all the fixins to go with it.

The go-to move for me is an omelet with a side of hash browns. They have 12 different kinds of omelets, so choose wisely. If you are looking for something sweet, they have decadent stuffed french toast and the classic buttermilk pancakes. Of course, you can mix and match any of these things to get the perfect meal just for you.

 3. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Steph Curry

Photo courtesy of @baddaddysburger on Instagram

The best part about Bad Daddy’s is that you can completely customize your burger. They provide you with a checklist and you can pick and choose whatever ingredients you want. The perfect complement to their juicy burgers is their crispy tots. If you want to be a little healthier, you can also create your own salad.

For all you veggie heads out there, the burger pictured above is the Cantina Burger, which is a black bean burger. It is topped with avocado, green chiles, and a chipotle ranch sauce. If you want something that is the complete opposite of the Cantina Burger, try out the Bad Ass Burger. The Bad Ass Burger is topped with buttermilk fried bacon, so it definitely lives up to its name.

4. Brickhouse Tavern

Steph Curry

Photo courtesy of yelp.com

Brickhouse Tavern is within walking distance of Davidson College, so it would definitely be a go-to move for Steph. They have amazing Brick Oven pizza and there is nothing college kids love more than pizza. If you are not in the mood for pizza, they also have salads and sandwiches. Back when Steph was at Davidson, he was probably watching the NBA games with everyone else at the bar, but now everyone there is watching their hometown hero kill it in the NBA.

I highly recommend sharing a Brick Oven pizza with 1 or 2 friends depending on how ambitious you are feeling that night. They have the classics such as Margherita Pizza, but they also have the All American Cheeseburger Pizza. Their classic American pizzas such as the New York Pizza can make anyone feel at home. If you are ever in the Davidson area and are looking for high-quality pizza, this is the place to go.

5. Tenders

Steph Curry

Photo courtesy of @lets.eat.yall on Instagram

Tenders is located 5 miles down the highway from Davidson College. This is the place to go if you are feeling nostalgic and don’t want to eat like a grown up. Even if you think you are above the classic chicken tenders and fries, you won’t be after going to Tenders.

The chicken tenders are the move because it is always a good idea to go with the dish that the restaurant is named after. They have a whole bar of sauces to choose from, which can be overwhelming. The sauces are made fresh daily and they have everything you want to complement your chicken tenders whether it be hot sauce if you like it spicy or honey mustard if you like it sweet.