Hate the dining hall already? Need an escape? Well, guess what?! You're not alone. If you're craving a nice fresh-cooked meal, don't waste your money on GrubHub or DoorDash; it simply doesn't compare. After thorough taste-testings, your friends from @food4fatfriends compiled a list of the 6 best restaurants in Syracuse that absolutely no freshman can miss. So, grab a group of friends, hop in an Uber or Zipcar, and head off.

6. Peppino's Neapolitan - Armory Square

Looking for a new casual Italian go-to restaurant that doesn't require a 2-hour wait? No need to look any further -- Peppino's is where it's at. To start, they have FRIED burrata. Enough said. Their pasta is honestly just as good, if not better than Pastabilities. When in the mood for pasta, the rigatoni Pomodoro is seriously perfection. The pizza is to die for; I would highly recommend getting the Proscuitt-of-Happiness if you're a prosciutto lover like me. All in all, Peppinos has a great variety of appetizers, pizzas, and pastas. You honestly can't go wrong with anything.

5. The Stoop Kitchen - Armory Square

One word: Brunch. This new and improved restaurant that recently re-opened in 2017 is most definitely a freshman's go-to Sunday brunch; a perfect cure to a not-so-perfect hangover. With items such as Banana Bread French Toast, White Truffle Omelets, and a wide selection of Parisian pastries -- you can't miss this one. Once Sunday comes about, roll out of bed, put on some pants, don't even brush your teeth (or do), and make your way to The Stoop.

4. Pastabilities - Armory Square

In need of a pasta fix? We all know of the famous Pastabilities, and we all know how damn good it is. The endless options of pasta(bilitie)'s seriously is overwhelming; I get something new every time. The pesto pasta is honestly to die for, as well as a plain old penne vodka. Of course, the hot tomato oil is an extraordinary experience -- one that freshman shouldn't miss out on. ALWAYS get the stretch bread with hot tomato oil to start, and absolutely get seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths... it's just that good.

3. Water Street Bagel Co. - Hanover Square

There is something so extraordinary about these bagels... the first bite just melts in your mouth. The wood-fired, like pizza, bagels make it so soft, yet so insane. The Nova bagel with lox straight from Brooklyn, cream cheese and capers is seriously addicting. You'll want another. With the endless options of bagels and smears, you'll be a bit overwhelmed... But that won't stop you from ordering the entire menu! They even make pizza bagels with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. Orgasmic.

2. Apizza Regionale - Downtown Syracuse 

This is hands down the best pizza you'll get in not only just Syracuse but all of upstate, NY, as well. Because of the freshly imported ingredients, you can't go wrong with anything at Apizza. If you're in the mood to experiment, I highly recommend going with a group and splitting a bunch of the mini-sized pizzas to get a feel for everything. Overall, this is an 11/10 experience. Don't miss it.

1. A Mano Kitchen & Bar - Downtown Syracuse

Last but not least... This brand new Modern American restaurant with a unique Italian twist is a hot-spot for all freshman, especially on Parent's Weekend. There really is no method to the madness with this place; whatever you get, you'll be happy. The seasonal-fare menu is impressive. Freshmen, you MUST go next fall to try the seasonal pumpkin ravioli. It's worth every penny. With pizzas, pastas, salads, sandwiches, meats and more, they've got something for everyone. You'll leave this place with a smile on your face.