Stroll down Beach Boulevard in Gulfport, Florida any given day of the week and you'll see flocks of happy diners outside Stella’s. The lime green umbrellas and nun-clad windows are signature to Stella’s - a Gulfport icon, known for its inventive daily specials, fresh ingredients and generous portions, hitting the perfect spot between hangover-curing diner food and breakfast edibles you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make at home. Stella’s “fine diner” is diner food redefined. 

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Morgan Wujkowski

 Here are 5 reasons why you should be getting your breakfast from Stella’s: 

1. Breakfast is served ALL day

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Morgan Wujkowski

That means, you can roll out of bed, trudge your hungover as$ down to Gulfport and get bacon, pancakes and omelettes be it 8am or 1pm.

2.  There is an entire drink menu dedicated to mimosas and Bloody Marys

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Morgan Wujkowski

We all know the saying, “Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.” Luckily, Stella’s has you covered. In addition to a standard mimosa, you can also choose from the Jamaican (champagne + pineapple juice), Poinsettia (champagne + cranberry juice) or a Bellini (champagne + peach schnapps + oj). Can’t decide? Try all 4 in flight! And if you prefer to drink your breakfast through a straw, your server will hook you up with one of the badass Bloody Marys. Try the Spicy Bacon Bloody Mary made with local hot sauce, extra horseradish and strips of crispy bacon or the Asian Bloody Mary with wasabi, soy sauce, cucumber.

3. The menu won’t drain your broke college pockets

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Morgan Wujkowski

Let’s face it. College kids are broke. What money we do have, we probably spend on Friday and Saturday nights while consuming adult beverages. But now you can treat yo’self to Sunday brunch without breaking the bank! Get a get a full, 3-egg breakfast - three eggs, meat, side and toast - for just $7.75. Shake up your wake up with Stella’s award-winning corned beef hash (rubbed with garlic powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and the secret ingredient: Stella Artois beer) served with two eggs and toast for only $9.95. A stack of pancakes will run you $6.95, build-your-own-omelettes start at $7.95, the breakfast burrito with homemade chorizo and a side is $8.95 and Benedicts range from $9.95-$11.95.

4. Killer location

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Morgan Wujkowski

Stella’s is located in the laid back beach town of Gulfport - in between downtown St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Mexico. Inside, you’ll find a slew of tables (fun fact: they were each handmade by an Irish carpenter to look like repurposed church pews to keep with the nun theme of the restaurant), a long, "Cheers"-esque counter, and the sunny patio with waterfront views of Boca Ciega Bay.

5. The staff

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Morgan Wujkowski

Ask anyone who has been to the restaurant and they’ll brag that the Stella’s staff is top notch. Owner Barbara Banno opened Stella’s seven years ago after leaving her career in corporate America. The restaurant’s named after her Great Aunt Stella, a former nun in Queens, NY, who loved cooking for her big Italian family. (Hence all of the nun chotchkies throughout the restaurant.) Banno thinks of her staff as family and it shows. From the second you take your seat, you’re welcomed by a friendly face and a hot cup of Kahwa coffee.

Location: 3119 Beach Blvd. S, Gulfport, FL 33707

Hours of operation: 7am-2pm daily

For more info and complete menu, check out Stella's website