If you haven’t been to Rosa Mexicano in New York City, you’re missing out on some of the best Mexican food around. New Yorkers have a vast array of restaurants to eat at, and there is of course an abundant amount of Mexican to choose from in the city. But I will make your decision on where to eat Mexican food easier by telling you to go check out one of Rosa Mexicano’s five hip locations.

Whether you’re interning in NYC this summer, visiting the big apple with your family, or living there year round, you have to get to this restaurant ASAP.

1. Guac

Rosa Mexicano

Photo courtesy of @eatingcitystyle on Instagram

My personal favorite location is the one near Lincoln Center because it’s where I think their signature guac tastes the freshest.

#SpoonTip: The order of guac comes with endless chips (free of charge), but make sure you ask for the warm corn tortillas that are also guaranteed with your order.

2. Frozen Pomegranate Margarita

Rosa Mexicano

Photo courtesy of @bestfooddc on Instagram

You can’t come to Rosa Mexicano without getting a margarita. Be sure to check out their staple drink item on the menu: the Frozen Pomegranate Marg.

#SpoonTip: If you’re feeling like you can’t swing this 200-calorie drink, opt for a lighter version and try their Rosalita made on the rocks with agave.

3. Tacos

Rosa Mexicano

Photo courtesy of @rosamexicano on Instagram

In terms of main courses, you literally cannot go wrong. However, any one of the three tacos (chicken, meat, or white fish) are da bomb. They come with enough rice and beans for an army of 10 as well as amazing Mexican street corn, which is slathered in butter, cheese and everything delicious.

4. Atmosphere

Rosa Mexicano

Photo courtesy of @rosamexicano on Instagram

As you can see, I recommend coming to Rosa for the food, but who wants to slurp on margs and indulge in a big bowl of guac with a boring crowd? One thing I love about Rosa is that you can find the vibe you are looking for depending on which location you go to. For example, Lincoln Center is a little more date night or casual dinner, while the Union Square location is a bit of a younger crowd and a good drink spot to meet the girls.

5. Churros

Rosa Mexicano

Photo courtesy of locogringo.com

Last but certainly not least, if you have ANY room left (yes, you must), order the churros. They come perfectly warm and coated in sugar with three dipping sauces: chocolate hazelnut, caramel and strawberry.

So there you have it: a few of the best tips and dishes from the hottest Mexican restaurant around. Grab some friends and head over to Rosa to indulge in simply the best Mexican food.