Before I moved to the tiny town of Geneva, New York, I thought I had it all figured out - no burrito place beat Chipotle. I mean, their guac alone was enough to make me drive 30 minutes and drop $12 on some food I'd devour in ten minutes. To me, Chipotle was king, and I wouldn't listen to anyone who told me otherwise. But coming to Geneva, I heard whispers about Char Burrito Bar.

And I was curious, I admit, but I was still adamant in my belief that Chipotle would never be topped, despite protests from all my fellow Spoon U friends here. And one day, I finally made it to Char, and my world was both crushed and enlightened.

There was a burrito place that topped Chipotle.

I know what you're thinking - you're probably surprised, right? How can anything beat the excellence that is Chipotle? But I'm here to tell you five reasons why Char Burrito Bar is better than Chipotle.

1. Queso!

Can you even call a burrito a burrito without the cheesy goodness? Lucky for us HWS students and Geneva locals, Char provides double the cheese with the option to put BOTH shredded mozz and queso on bowl, salad, or burrito of your choosing. I promise, its worth the extra 80 cents. 

2. It's Local

There's nothing better to a foodie than finding a place thats local, delicious, inexpensive, and where you can go again and again. You find this in Char: not a chain, local food and ingredients, and averages about a visit a week from its loyal customers. And, it won't break the bank like some of the other local Geneva restaurants. 

3. This $h!t tastes real 

Sometimes, at a slightly-less-than-nice chain, you can taste the mass-produced qualities within the food. But here, you're getting what you ask for, and everything tastes fresh and like it came straight from the garden, which it may very well have.

4. Forget plain old sour cream, try Chipotle Lime BBQ

One of the best parts of Char: the sauces you can top your masterpiece with. Of course, they still have sour cream to fit all the traditionalist's needs, but if you're feeling a little spicy, try the chipotle lime bbq, the southwestern ranch, or the garlic cream sauce. I promise you will not go wrong with any of them.

5. GOOD vegetarian options

If you're like me, your dining hall may have forced you to be a vegetarian more times than not - sometimes, the food is just better and you don't trust the meat. Lucky for all you real vegetarians out there, Char's got tofu, and its actually good. So don't let the fear of there being only meat stop you from checking it out.

If you're in Geneva - check this place out! Here's some more options for how to satisfy your burrito cravings for every meal of the day.