Sushi on Jones is a new sushi restaurant nestled into the Bowery Market in New York City. They are the city's first outdoor sushi bar, but don't let that stop you from trying them on a rainy day. Their omakase is an experience unlike many others.

In an Insider video, the chef and co-owner, David Bouhadana, said "it was...a joke in the sushi world to create the cheapest sushi omakase", which he definitely has done. The atmosphere is very different than a normal sushi restaurant, but who doesn't love a new experience?

1. New York Times Endorsed Them

The NYT does not just endorse anyone and for them to say that Sushi on Jones was " the best ever made" is a huge compliment even if the end of that sentence is "in the equivalent of a tollbooth". 

2. Omakase for $50

If you're a sushi connoisseur, or even just like sushi, you probably know that you are not going to find good sushi for under $50. Omakase is the Japanese version of a tasting menu. In this case, it is 12 courses to be eaten in under 30 minutes. This is a really good deal for sushi that is such high quality and in such a large portion, especially because this restaurant is located in New York City, which is notorious for overpriced meals. 

3. The menu is changed seasonally

This ensures that you are only eating the freshest fish, and also that every time you go, you can get a different meal, so you will never be bored, even if you go 50 times. 

4. It's an intimate dining experience

Sushi on Jones is essentially a four seat booth so you don't have to worry about eating in a restaurant that is basically one large table with minuscule space to move your arms. Plus, the booth is outdoors (obviously there's coverage when it rains and heat when it's cold), but it's 

5. It's classic

As good as sushi burritos, sushi burgers, and sushi pizza is, sometimes there's just nothing like a classic meal of regular sushi and sashimi. 

If you're always looking for a new restaurant to try, or just a sushi lover, definitely try out Sushi on Jones for a unique dining experience on a budget.