Picture this: It is another dull, long Monday on campus and you're feeling a little snack-y. Immediately, you think to yourself, "Wow, I really can not stand the Tex-Mex station in the cafe anymore!" Well, have no fear, Pirate Foodies, because Tito's Burritos in the South Orange Village will come in clutch and solve all of your South-of-the-Border needs.

1. The scene and the food are a beach-lover's paradise.

Isioma Oye-Onwuka

Between its complimentary salsa bar and its cozy beachside vibes, Tito's attracts some truly gnarly surfer dudes to South Orange. Try the "Spicoli" and the "Mac Daddy," two burritos that are jam-packed with black beans, Mexi-rice, shredded lettuce, Tito’s cheeses, sour cream, and their insanely delicious pico de gallo. However, the main attraction surrounding the "Spicoli" is the meat inside: chicken tenders. And if you're a steak person, the Mac Daddy is for you.

2. The portions are straight-up massive.

Isioma Oye-Onwuka

Another great item on their menu is the GIANT quesadilla that is certainly "big enough for two!" Seriously though, they are so huge.

3. It's literally the freshest food around!

Isioma Oye-Onwuka

One of the biggest reasons why our Spoon SHU team loves Tito's is that they make everything fresh to order. Tito's is always happy to accommodate any and all Pirate foodies! They have vegetarian options, including the "Veggie Lovers" burrito and tacos. Gluten-Free Pirates can ask for any burritos to be "NAKED" which means they'll make you a nice burrito bowl. They also have whole wheat tortillas, just ask for your burrito to be a "WHEATSTER". 

4. Monday always SHU Day at Tito's!

Isioma Oye-Onwuka

It's time to start looking forward to Mondays. Tito's Burritos in South Orange offers an exclusive deal for all Seton Hall Pirates, including students, faculty, and staff, on Mondays! Just show them your Seton Hall ID and you will get 20% off your order.

Tito's is truly invested in their Pirate clientele, and are seeking out different ways to collaborate more with the University, so look out for some new, cool things coming soon to campus! Also, if you are looking for some more deals for Seton Hall students check this out!

5. It's the best spot to take a breather and chill off-campus.

Isioma Oye-Onwuka

With a motto like "It's all good" and their own surfer lingo they like to call "Tito-Speak", Tito's definitely has the calmest and coolest vibe in the Village. With fun-colored walls and breezy island decor, Tito's will brighten up your day from the moment you walk in the door.

And for when its nice and sunny out, you can even grab a table outside and enjoy our awesome little village! If you're looking to unwind, feel like you're "down the shore" for a moment, or simply have the sudden craving for a perfect-packed burrito, then Tito's is definitely the place to crash. 

#SpoonTip: Don't forget to grab a sticker when you're finishing up at the register. I mean, do you even go to Seton Hall if you don't have a Tito's sticker on your laptop?

Chow for now! And make sure to give a big "Mahalo!" to Tito's for serving up some seriously marvelous Mexican to our hungry Pirates every day!