Everyone knows that college puts a significant dent in the pockets. It leads all foodies to be apprehensive of splurging on that golden-crusted almond croissant that is peeping at them from behind the glass at their favorite local coffee shop. But have no fear, Seton Hall foodies! South Orange restaurants and establishments have made it way easier on us to make our decision to ditch the caf' and heading into town (and it's way easier on the pockets, too!).

Let's start with the plenty of deals that the hot spots of the South Orange Village have to offer:

1. Stony's 

wine, tea, beer, coffee
Amber Puig

This joint does BOGO Wednesdays for all Seton Hall students. Just show your SHU ID and you can get two meals for the price of one! So head out to "treat" a friend *wink, wink*.

2. Carvel

tea, beer
Amber Puig

Well isn't this ironic; Carvel has BOGO Wednesdays too! So, I say one person buys the meal at Stony's and the next buys dessert!

3. Bunny's

Amber Puig

With a drink purchase (including sodas) during the hours of 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday, Bunny's will give you a FREE PIZZA. That's right, people! Free. Pizza. 

4. BGR

beer, tea, coffee
Amber Puig

Owned by former Pirates, BGR definitely caters to the Seton Hall community. With a 10% discount all-hours and a 20% discount after 10 pm, you can still afford to pick up your customized burger at least once a week. 

5. Coldstone

beer, tea, wine, coffee
Amber Puig

AHH! Our favorite, yet most expensive ice cream parlor. Not for Pirates! Coldstone gives an exclusive discount to Pirates. Just ask or show your SHU ID!

6. Ashley Market

pizza, tea, wine, beer, coffee
Amber Puig

Ashley Market makes some great hot food. This take-out style selection has discounts after 7 pm! Its a great place to stay healthy and feel like you're eating a home cooked meal. 

7. Grid Iron Waffle

coffee, wine, beer, tea
Amber Puig

Although this amazing smelling waffle heaven does NOT have a discount for Seton Hall foodies, it does in fact, have some pretty cheap eats that are absolutely delicious. The classic Cinnamon Waffle is only $3.80. That's a deal fit for a real pirate, if you ask me. 

Now, I know most of us won't stay in South Orange forever. So here are some basic tips on how to never go broke while being the Seton Hall foodie that you are. 

Here is a big thanks to the establishments in South Orange, NJ for allowing us to enjoy their delicious creations. Their understanding of our college broke-ness is totally awesome! 

Chow for now! and, of course, GO PIRATES!