Happy hour is the best hour (or hours if you sit there for as long as possible like I do). What more can someone ask for than set hours in the day where the drinks are cheap and there is good company?

When 5 o'clock rolls around, I like to have a set idea in my mind of where I want to go for happy hour. Those extra minutes of contemplation are a big waste when there are only a couple of hours in the day to enjoy discounted drinks.

Luckily, I have discovered a place that I can always turn to for happy hour because of their amazing deals and awesome atmosphere. Here are five reasons why Bosphorous is the ultimate happy hour spot on Park Ave. 

1. The Prices Are Unbeatable

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Amanda Wakefield

There are some pretty good happy hour prices around Winter Park, but Bosphorous really takes the cake when it comes to having a good deal. All of the drinks, yes all of them, are half priced. This includes their craft cocktails, wine, and beer. If you aren't sure what to order, here is something that may help you decide.

Where else can you get a peach martini for only $5 or a nice glass of wine for $4? Not only are the drink cheap, but they also taste so good.

2. It Lasts Three Whole Hours

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Amanda Wakefield

The happy hour at Bosphorous lasts three hours. I typically see restaurants that serve happy hour prices for two hours, but never three. I'm sure we can all relate to the fact that one extra hour counts when you are in college. Bosphorous serves their half-priced drinks from 4 to 7, turning happy hour into happy hours

3. Weekends Are Included

Something that really gets me is the fact that most places only have happy hour from Monday to Thursday. I understand that the weekends are typically the busiest days for the restaurant business, but please. We are college students in need of a good deal on alcohol.

Bosphorous has happy hour on all seven days of the week. They even have half-priced Bellinis and Mimosas on the weekends until four, which is when the actual happy hour starts.

I'm not going to be that person to encourage everyone to go to happy hour every single day of the week, but I wouldn't judge if you did. 

4. The Atmosphere Is Awesome

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Amanda Wakefield

Bosphorous is right on Park Ave and has plenty of outdoor seating. It is a close walk from Rollins, and there are always cute dogs passing by. With the sun out for most of the day in Florida, especially now that the sun sets later because of Day Light savings, it is a great place to sit outside and enjoy some drinks with friends after a long day. 

5. The Food Is Unique and Amazing

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Amanda Wakefield

Although there aren't any specials on food during their happy hour, Bosphorous has some amazing appetizers and dinner choices. There is no other place where you can find really good Turkish cuisine in Winter Park. When my friends and I go, we usually get the mixed appetizer which comes with nine different Mediterranean dips and the Lavash bread.

The appetizer is $21.95 and the bread is $4.50, which totals to be $26.45. That may seem like a lot, but you could easily share this appetizer with five people, which would make it only $5.29 per person. Not bad for something that is pretty filling and tastes really good! If you want to see the entirety of Boshphorous' food and drink menu, click here.

So, is it 4 o'clock yet? With such an amazing atmosphere and deals that cannot be beat, Bosphorous is one of my favorite places to go to with friends to wind down after a long day. It should definitely become a go-to spot on your happy hour list if you live in Winter Park!