It’s that time of year again. University students are freshly out of school for the semester and on the prowl for summer jobs. Students will take anything they can find to earn a bit of money during their 4 months off, from internships to landscaping jobs. Depending on what you take, you’ll be working in a unique environment with specific tasks and standards.

But student workers will all have one thing in common: they’re overjoyed by the time 5 o’clock comes and it’s time for a drink, whether it be at home or at the bar. See what drink you should be ordering based on the job you snagged this summer

If you’re an intern…

You’re likely to be given all the unwanted office jobs. This probably involves being the first one at work and always being on the ball. You’ll need a drink at the end of a long day, but it should be something that won’t threaten a hangover tomorrow; you’ll need to be back at the office at 9am after all.

This article discussing hangovers and their causes suggests avoiding sugary drinks to escape that headache tomorrow. Try a vodka soda or sea breeze at your next happy hour.

Happy Hour

Photo by Paavani Jain

If you’re a camp counsellor….

Camp counsellors are notoriously paid very little, despite having one of the hardest jobs around. After taking care of multiple young kids all day, you’ve definitely earned a cocktail. To save your slim pay check, stick to wine or beer instead of a fancy, expensive drink at happy hour. Find out which type of wine you are or discover a new brew, approved by beer lovers and skeptics alike.

Happy Hour

Photo by Steven Baboun

If you work retail…

Retail workers have to put up with a lot. They face many customers a day, dealing with all kinds of requests. If this is your summer job, you can relate to the stressful environment and know that you’ll need something strong come 5:00pm (or whenever your grueling shift may end). A long island iced tea, with 4 different types of alcohol, is just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Hour

Photo by Hannah Lin

If you work outside…

Some of the most typical student jobs are outdoor ones. Come warmer weather, pool and landscaping businesses are booming and they snatch up students who are newly free from school. Depending where you live, this can be pretty hot work; I speak from experience, having spent all of last summer mowing lawns in the sun.

Something refreshing is what you’re going to be craving at happy hour, and the next best thing to water is a boozy slushy to help you cool down and unwind.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 9.00.21 AM

If you’re a waiter…

There’s always jobs to be had in the restaurant industry; many students take on serving, dishwashing and hostess-ing. Notoriously busy and non-stop jobs, workers are always on the go. For all you foodies and drink connoisseurs though, working in a restaurant or bar can give you insider information on how restaurant quality food and drinks are prepared.

Inspired after a long day of work, by 5pm you may be motivated to try your hand at an intricate cocktail. May we suggest this epic bloody mary with pancakes, eggs and bacon?

Happy Hour

Photo by Phoebe Melnick