My spring break took me back home to Las Vegas. And I have always wanted to try the world famous cannoli from Carlo's Bake Shop made by the Cake Boss himself (not likely, but a girl can dream). Luckily, that want could be satisfied, as there is a location in the Venetian Hotel. My brothers and I decided to take a trip and decide for ourselves how great this "cake boss" really is.

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Hannah Habighorst

My first thought was that if they tasted as good as they looked, we are all going to leave super satisfied. We ordered five items, completely devoured them, and then ranked each item on a 0 to 10 scale in order to determine the best dessert item from Carlo's Bake Shop. Here's the list, from the worst all the way to the item I dreamed about that same night.

5. Red Velvet Cupcake

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Hannah Habighorst
Score: 3.7/10

I really hope the cupcakes don't taste anything like the cakes that come from this bakery, as that might just completely ruin the show for me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the worst cupcake in the world, but it was definitely related to it. The cake portion was decent, because it was moist. However, the frosting tasted like it was made with sour milk or week-old cream. Very disappointing.

4. Cheesecake

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Hannah Habighorst
Score: 6.7/10

Again, with the disappointing cake desserts. I am really starting to doubt this guy's title. It was pretty, I will give him that. But it was only a slightly above average cheesecake. It was bland and needed something special to make it "boss" worthy.

3. Cannoli

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Hannah Habighorst
Score: 7.6/10

This is what I am talking about. The cannoli was pretty drool worthy. The filling was the perfect amount of sweetness and you got just the right amount of crunch. It was so good, I did not want to share it with anyone else. I think I ended up eating much more than my fair share of the item. But I mean look at it... can you really blame me?

2. Éclair

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Hannah Habighorst
Score: 8/10

As you can tell, we were so excited to try this bad boy, I couldn't even snap a picture before someone took a bite. And I don't blame them one bit. This cream-filled pastry brought me more happiness than any boy ever has. The inner cream was so sweet and paired perfectly with the chocolate on top. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that it wasn't bigger.

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Puff

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Hannah Habighorst
Score: 8.25/10

Okay, Buddy needs to change his title to "Cream Puff Boss." This little bundle of joy must have been sprinkled with love and happiness, because those are the feelings I got when I bit into this cloud pastry. The filling tasted like a Nutella mousse, surrounded by an airy dough, covered in more chocolatey goodness. It was pure heaven.

So there you have it, Cake Boss uncovered. He might not be the best at actual cakes (at least that you can order at the shop everyday), but he makes up for it in other heavenly pastry options. But don't take my word for it, go try it for yourself (it even gives you another excuse to book that trip to Vegas!).