As a college student at Northeastern University, I'm always looking for new brunch spots and cafe staples around Huntington Ave. Below, I present to you 5 popular breakfast (or brunch!) spots in the area, along with some recommended menu items. From smoothies and coffee, to breakfast sandwiches and french toast, each place has a little something special to offer.

1) Tatte

Morgan Mergelkamp

Recommended Menu Item: Breakfast Sandwich (Bacon, Egg, Cheese, On Sourdough)

With all-day breakfast items and a weekend extended brunch menu, it can certainly be hard deciding what to choose at Tatte. However, you CANNOT go wrong with the classic breakfast sandwich. The eggs can be cooked any style, and the house made perfectly toasted sourdough makes this sandwich stand out! 

Morgan Mergelkamp

Recommended Menu Item: French Toast (Challah, Ricotta Goat Cheese Mousse, Raspberry Jam, Strawberries, Mint, Toasted Almonds)

The brunch menu offered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, has specials such as this delicious looking french toast. This unique take on the classic breakfast staple will certainly fulfill all your sweet tooth cravings. A more savory option for french toast is also offered on the menu. 

2) Playa Bowls

Krishna Dave

Recommended Menu Item: Pure Vida (Pure Açaí Topped with Granola, Blueberry, Strawberry, Honey)

Recommended Menu Item #2: Booster Smoothie (Banana, Vanilla Whey Protein, Spirulina, Peanut butter, Cashew Milk)

Looking for something cool and refreshing to start the day? Head over to Playa Bowls to get yourself a smoothie bowl or a smoothie. Besides their expansive year round menu, they also have many seasonal offerings! In the fall, some specials they offered were the pumpkin pie smoothie and the Jack O'Lantern açaí bowl. Stay tuned for their winter offerings coming very soon! 

3) Pressed Cafe

Morgan Mergelkamp

Recommended Menu Item: Egg, Turkey-Sausage, Avocado Burrito (Eggs, Jack Cheese, Potato, Turkey Sausage, Salsa, Avocado)

Pressed Cafe is new to Huntington Ave, and situated right by the Prudential Center. Pressed certainly has an extremely diverse menu, including bowls, salads, paninis, vegan specials, toasts and many more! However, what makes them stand out to me are the variety of breakfast burritos offered.

Due to the many different  combinations offered, there is no doubt that everyone will find just one to their personal liking. 

Morgan Mergelkamp

Pictured above is the Breakfast Burrito (Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Potato).

4. Jaho 

Elisa Kwon

Pictured above is the Cherry Blossom Cold Brew.

If a breakfast sandwich at any hour of the day appeals to you, then Jaho is the place to go. Open from 7 am to 10 pm every day of the week, Jaho provides a cafe experience at night as well, which makes it the ideal spot for college students to study while also getting their caffeine fix. 

In regards to food, you'll be presented with the delicious breakfast sandwich, a variety of classic pastries and other  options on the menu. Their flavorful coffees and zodiac teas are also not to be missed! 

Pictured above is the Bagel Sandwich (bacon, egg, cheese, on everything bagel).

5) Farmer's Horse Coffee

Recommended Menu Item: Bagel + Toppings (Bacon, Egg, Cheese)

Farmer's Horse specializes in Ethiopian coffees, while also offering a wide selection of pastries, sandwiches, and most importantly brunch menu items. Their bagels are just the starting point as they also offer a variety of toppings such as egg, bacon, and cheese, in addition to others such as spinach, sausage, hummus, and more! 

Morgan Mergelkamp

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