Berlin has been well-known for its fame as the paradise for hippies. It is a utopian city filled with charisma. Regarding its culinary scene, Berlin is no doubt the safe haven for people seeking a healthy diet and natural food. As a sustainable lifestyle has long been a trend in Europe, Germany is definitely one of the top countries leading and shaping the trend. Here, Berliners are conscious of what they eat, what they wear, and how they live. They care about eco-friendliness while curating their lifestyle. Want to find the perfect dining places for natural food in Berlin? You can not miss this article.

Here, we will follow the Berliners’ daily routine to explore the city’s natural food scene.

1. Funk You Natural Food

Charlotte He

Instagrammables’ top choice. Located on the fashionable Rosenthaler strasse in Mitte, Funk You Natural Food has successfully made its name out there in the city. The orange outdoor decor with its minimalistic logo design well represents its philosophy of loving nature and eating healthy. They serve refreshing acai bowl, grain bowl, sandwich, smoothies, and amazing coffee all day. Although their food is made out of the healthiest ingredients, they never sacrifice the taste. I went to this place for consecutive five days without getting a little bit tired of the food. It is the variety of choice, and also its modern decor that makes you want to linger all day around.

#Spoontip: Don’t forget to try their toasted whole grain bread with peanut butter and banana. It totally blowed my mind since I was never a fan of peanut butter, but its lightness and mild sweetness enhanced by the fresh banana would help start your day with a happy mood.

Charlotte He

2.  Commonground

Three minutes away from Funk You, Commonground is the must-go-to place for coffee and tea lovers. They offer organic unhomogenized milk for your coffee to add an earthy flavor to the early morning. Commonground also boasts its homemade sodas and authentic tea from all over the world such as White tea from Nepal and Green tea from Japan. The artistic design and the meditative music echoing in the background make Commonground the place you want to spend your study days at. Don’t forget to check out its serene backyard!

3.   Omelegg

Being its first and only restaurant in Germany, Omelegg from Amsterdam can not be missed by any omelet fans. Its cute logo with an egg at the top and its modest slogan “Probably the best omelets in town”, Omelegg has shown its dedication to offering Berliners the tastiest omelet. Aside from their signature omelet recipes, omelet lovers can also create their own recipes by choosing from their variety of fresh ingredients. Omelet lovers, it is time to show your creativity!

4.   Daluma

Located next to the Rosenthaler U-Bahn station, Daluma is the top place to spend thirty minutes refilling your afternoon energy before going back to work. The lovely names were given to each of their smoothies win foodies’ hearts. Chochoc crave made of raw cacao, avocado, banana, and dates offer a light sweet flavor. Get Your Greens smoothie made of spirulina, pineapple, spinach, and dates brings numerous nutrients and an earthy flavor that refreshes your body.

5.   PHO-Noodle Bar

After a tiring workday, nothing could be more fulfilling than a bowl of warm pho. In Berlin, it is super hard for you to leave without having a taste of pho because Vietnamese restaurants are everywhere. The chewy noodles and the richness of the soup texture completes the day. Also, don’t ever miss their sugar cane drink. Nobody can resist the natural sweetness and freshness. Sugar cane is also super healthy as it is alkaline in nature and good for our digestive system!

If you are a fan of natural food or you want to live a sustainable lifestyle, then you should definitely not miss these five places when you travel to Berlin!