If you’re doing Veganuary this month, kudos to you! It takes a lot of courage and commitment to break old habits and try new things. Whether you’re doing for the animals, the environment, your own health, or simply because you were bored and enjoy chilling yourself, I think you need an applause. And you know what? I’m going to give you more than that. If you live in London, or you happen to visit in the next coming weeks, I am here to suggest you some incredible places you can have the most amazing vegan food! Bring a friend, go alone and chill for a bit — here are 5 places in London you probably haven't visited during Veganuary!

Mun Ling Koh


Mooshies is a burger place in Brick Lane Rd, East London. It has amazing artwork outside, and long wooden tables that encourage you to befriend your neighbour. Their menu is not the widest, but you'll still struggle to choose what you’d like to eat. Each burger is presented with a little drawing of what it looks like and a break down of its ingredients. They have gluten free options and delicious sides (you have to try their melted cheese sticks and their chickpea bites — yum!). Perfect for a little break after visiting Brick Lane Market on a Sunday morning!

Ms. Cupcake

This is one of my favourite places on Earth. Okay, maybe not on Earth, but definitely in London! Ms Cupcake is famous for her sugary cupcakes and cookies, and you can find her products even in Wholefoods. But nothing beats the experience of seeing all the amazing options in the original store in Brixton! Trust me, you will have a hard time choosing — and this is why I recommend bringing a friend (or lots of them!) and share basically everything that looks great to you. Everything is omnivore approved (aka my boyfriend), and it will give your Veganuary a fabulous twist!

Fed by Water

As an Italian, I cannot help by mentioning Fed by Water. If you’re in a look out for a fancier meal, this is the place for you. Their menu is simply sensational: they have pastas, pizzas, calzones and even croissants! Fed is one of the first places I visited when I went vegan and it convinced me I didn’t have to abandon the tastes I grew up with. They make an amazing vegan carbonara, and they produce their own vegan cheeses, which they offer you a taste off with their cheeseboard! This place is perfect for a nice dinner out, just outside the Dalston Junction station.

Temple of Seitan

Let’s go back to quick, greasy fast food, and let’s talk about Temple of Seitan. They started as a stall at vegan markets (and still are, you can find them at Hackney Downs Vegan Market every Saturday), and now they’re opening a second location in Camden! The fake chicken is made of seitan, a gluten-based meat alternative that can be easily cooked as meat, but without harming any animal. The concept is like a vegan chicken shop, fast food easily accessible to anyone. Perfect for a Saturday night with your friends!

Cupcakes and Shhht

I’ll be honest with you, I am offering you this suggestion simply from their Instagram page. Cupcakes and Shhht is based in Elephant and Castle and offer a UNICORN FREAKSHAKE. Isn’t that enough to tickle your palate? It definitely is for me. But if you want more, they also offer cupcakes, burgers, smoothies and coffees. Cupcakes and Shhht looks like the perfect Sunday brunch spot and I’ll promise you, I’ll let you know when I actually go and visit.

Mun Ling Koh

If you decide to visit any of these spots, share your experience with us tagging our Instagram page! I would love to see what you think of my suggestions, and let me know if you visit Cupcakes and Shhht before I do! Good luck with your vegan challenge and happy Veganuary, everyone!