You’ve pretty much gone out to eat at the same five places since you’ve been living in Fenway, and though you have your favorite dishes, you’re ready to branch out and experience something new.

But, you’re also a little lazy. You know Boston is a big and bustling city. You are a T ride away from every delicious cuisine imaginable, but sometimes you just want to stay in the area. What you didn’t know is there are a lot of great places in Fenway that you’ve never been to, and they’re probably even better than where you’ve been going.

If you like Chipotle, try El Pelon Taqueria


Photo courtesy of @elpelontaqueria on Instagram

I had begun phasing Chipotle out of my life, and then they completely lost me at “E. Coli” (though some were completely devastated). I am rarely one to pass up Mexican food in any form, but the quality of Chipotle’s food has really gone down from what it used to be. El Pelon, on the other hand, is much fresher and boasts authentic Mexican food as opposed to the nationwide and Americanized chain that Chipotle has become.

They have bites for every size appetite from tacos and quesadillas to their famous El Guapo burrito if you’re feeling hungry enough to eat food the size of your forearm like you get at Chipotle. The El Guapo is a perfect creation that includes carne asada, rice, black beans, jack cheese, fried plantains, lettuce, and their homemade crema and smoky fire roasted salsa that make you forget about Chipotle altogether.

If you like Basho, try MeiMei


Photo courtesy of @meimeiboston on Instagram

Though I like to say that I could eat sushi every day of my life, there’s plenty of other Asian food in Boston worth noting. While you might see the sibling-run MeiMei food truck in different areas of Boston in the warmer months, the restaurant resides close to home on Park Drive.

Plus, MeiMei boasts using locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients so everything is fresh and environmentally friendly. The restaurant, which takes a modern and creative approach to Chinese street food offers dishes such as scallion pancake sandwiches, Sriracha rice bowls, chorizo dumplings, and sweet corn fritters that will keep you coming back.

If you like Thornton’s, try Loretta’s Last Call


Photo courtesy of @lorettaslastcall on Instagram

The go-to brunch spot for Fenway students has pretty much been Thornton’s from day one, but if you and your friends are over ordinary omelets and mimosas, opt for something a little different by going to Loretta’s. Known as a new nightlife spot with live music from local country bands, most have already gone to Loretta’s at least once, but if you aren’t trying their brunch, you’re missing out.

Not only does the menu offer more options and filling portion sizes, but brunch menu is full of tasty options you can’t just find anywhere. Whether you’re choosing the PB and banana stuffed french toast with bourbon whipped cream to appease your sweet tooth, or the savory route with the jalapeño, cheddar, and bacon cornbread Benedict with barbecue hollandaise, you’ll leave full and happy. And don’t forget the best part: the Bloody Mary bar, where you can decorate your drink to your heart’s content.

If you like Gyro City, try Saloniki


Photo courtesy of @Salonikigreek on Instagram

The food gods have finally blessed us with two traditional Greek restaurants to choose from in Fenway. Gyro City is definitely a favorite with their authentic greek food and fries, but for a little more variety, try the brand new Saloniki. Saloniki is the Chipotle of greek food with staff in a sort of assembly line to personalize your creation for you.

Choose from a gyro, plate, or salad, and add as many vegetables and toppings as you want to create your own meal. If you want to take the easy way out, there are classic creations you can order from the menu as well. Definitely try The Herc, which has honey-garlic braised pork shoulder, spicy whipped feta, onions, tomatoes, and Greek fries on a pita.

If you like Pavement Coffeehouse, try Tatte Bakery and Cafe


Photo courtesy of @spoon_fenway on Instagram

Though Pavement has a good selection of bagel sandwiches, I’m a much bigger fan of the coffee at Tatte Bakery and Cafe. Tatte used to be a tiny space on Beacon Street that has since been renovated and upgraded to be twice its original size. Tatte’s new interior design is fresh and clean with whimsical details that mimic an old bakery with blackboards that display the menu, dessert displays with labeled cans for flour and sugar, antique light fixtures and wooden furniture.

Not to mention, their selections from Stumptown Coffee Roasters are out of this world. Whether you’re picking up a latte and sweet treat, like one of the pastries, cookies, or tarts to-go, or sitting down for an almond milk cappuccino and a croque monsieur for a lazy brunch, the flavors and textures of Tatte will make this cute cafe one of your new favorite lunch and coffee spots.