Can't find a seat at the Chocolate Bar, the amount of people at O'neill is overwhelming, or Bapst is too silent? If you need another perspective and something tasty to inspire you-- visit one of these cafes in Boston to study. You'll find great food, drinks, and perhaps, new ideas. (WiFi included!)

1. Tatte Bakery & Café

Ivana Rizo Patron

Not only is the cafe pretty and welcoming, their sandwiches are made with fresh-made bread and the best ingredients. Visit one of Tatte's 8 locations to try their quiches, salads, pastries, coffees and juices. The Breakfast Sandwich and the Avocado Tartine are my favorite, and brunch is served all-day Friday to Sunday. You can also take a break to take an insta-worthy picture. 

#SpoonTip: Tatte takes online orders, so if you don't want to wait in line, remember to order ahead. 

2. Fuel America

If you take the BC shuttle to South Street, you'll be a short walk from Fuel America. Perhaps the easiest cafe to get to, Fuel is often overlooked by students. Here, next to other BC students, grab a coffee and make this your new go-to study spot. Just know that because of its convenient location, finding a table during exam season may be a challenge. If you are able to visit in the morning, give their breakfast sandwiches a try!

3. Newsfeed Cafe at the Boston Public Library

What better place to study than this quite location surrounded by thousands of books and other college students? The BPL is the quintessential study spot. And, you can take a break and snack at their Newsfeed Cafe, while being entertained the by WGBH radio station. The BPL hosts the Boston Public Radio on Tuesdays and Thursdays! If the weather permits, go ahead and sit on their patio. Also, as the BPL is located on Bolyston St., so if you are craving something else, there are many restaurants around. 

4. Starbucks

Ivana Rizo Patron

A classic we can never go wrong with, wherever in the world we might be. If you want comfort, familiarity and a relaxed ambiance close to campus, Starbucks is the place to go. Sip on their coffee and delicious frappuccinos or take of a bite of a warm-sandwich while finishing your readings. There are many locations near campus to choose from: Cleveland Circle, Newton Center, Washington Street, or the Chestnut Hill Mall. 

5. by CHLOE. 

Not specifically a cafe, but still a great quick-service restaurant to study at. The closest one to campus is located in Fenway, but there is also another location in Seaport. The bright environment will make it easy to study, and the lighting and ample tables are a plus. If you'd rather not use a table, the place features swinging chairs facing the street, giving you a comfortable place to read or write.  Although by CHLOE is a vegan restaurant, their menu options are appealing to all, from their pastas to their air-baked french fries. Visit this healthy alternative, because a well-fueled brain while studying never hurts. 

Go ahead and give one of these cafes a try! You may be surprised and realize that you like studying off campus.