‘By CHLOE’ is an all-vegan restaurant opened up in New York City this past summer. It was opened by owner and vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli, who you may know from winning Cupcake Wars.

Last week, the chef announced via Instagram that the restaurant would be coming to Boston’s Seaport district and I was squealing with joy. I got to experience the restaurant a few weeks ago and I haven’t stopped talking about it since. It felt like dreams coming true that one will be opening up this summer and here’s why:

By CHLOE is adorable


Photo courtesy of @chefchloe on Instagram

The restaurant genuinely has that ‘hip’ feeling that most restaurants reach for, but Chef Chloe has created an atmosphere that really does appeal to young people.

The food is affordable


Photo courtesy of bychefchloe.com

The meals at By ‘CHLOE’ also understand the college budget, as most of them sit under $10. This means that vegans and vegetarians can pay only slightly extra than their carnivorous friends are paying at restaurants like Tasty Burger.

By CHLOE is certified Kosher


Photo courtesy of Ugo Stella on italianfoodexcellence.com

Not only does Chef Chloe look out for the plant-based among us, she also looks out for those who eat Kosher. Her food is certified Kosher, therefore bringing it beyond just vegan and making it friendly to a larger range of people.

The food is like nothing you’ve had before


Photo courtesy of @fanchelala on Instagram.

Most importantly, the food absolutely rules. If you’re looking for an amazing burger and some quick french fries, this is the place to go. If you’re like me you’re not eating vegan food for it’s health benefits but for ethical reasons. That means that I enjoy to eat pretty much anything as long as it tastes good, and Chef Chloe definitely managed to find the sweet spot of vegan junk food.

There are “Chlostess” cupcakes


Photo courtesy of @chefchloe on Instagram.

There are a whole host of vegan baked goods, yet a highlight was definitely the “Chlostess” cupcake. Made in the style of the famous Hostess Cupcakes, she managed to make a vegan carbon copy with the same texture, design, and filling. It rocketed me straight back to elementary school and I was incredibly grateful. Next up, I just hope she makes Twinkies.

There are special By CHLOE juices


Photo courtesy of @instgra_morning on Instagram.

Yet, for those plant-based health food eaters, ‘By CHLOE’ still offers that important range of healthier options, such as fresh-pressed juices made on site.

By CHLOE is counter-serve style


Photo courtesy of @misscococupcake on Instagram.

The line for this restaurant in New York City was long, but it moved incredibly quickly. Due to the fact that the restaurant is counter-serve style, people can get in and get out. This makes it great for lunch breaks, or a quick stop in. It’s essentially a vegan fast food oasis. You even get the authentic trays.