It’s hard to have dietary restrictions in the holiday season when everyone is bringing sweets to the office or school to share. Baking vegan desserts is more difficult than it seems, but many NYC shops have it down to a perfect science. Here are the best vegan desserts in NYC to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Dun-Well Donuts

Just like any donut shop, their specialty flavors sell out fast so go early. Fan favorites include the French Toast, PB &J, and Chocolate. Often vegan donuts can be dry, but here they have the perfect amount of texture. Pair your donut with a scoop of their cashew-based ice cream or take a pint to go. My favorite dessert usually isn’t donuts but I can’t say no to Dun-Well.

Clementine Bakery

No NYC vegan list is complete without a Brooklyn representative. Clementine Bakery not only offers amazing sweets, but also a vegan breakfast and lunch menu (featuring disco fries and cauliflower wings!) making it perfect for a whole day of vegan eats.  Many people come here to work or study since they have a very cozy vibe. Check out their Instagram for their pie or cake of the day!

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

This Lower East Side establishment is a staple of any vegan diet. There is a wide variety of desserts from cupcakes and cakes to unique flavored donuts and sammies (two cookies with icing in the middle). 

Intelligentsia at High Line Hotel

Since it's hot chocolate season, Intelligentsia’s is a must. Made with oat milk, the drink is set apart from its vegan counterparts made with the usual almond or soy milk.  Warm up with their hot chocolate that people say tastes just like an oatmeal-raisin cookie. 


A frozen yogurt place might not be what comes to mind when you think of vegan, but Pinkberry’s coconut frozen tart yogurt option is perfect. It’s sweet but not too sweet which can often be an issue when shops try to replace dairy with sugar. With 10 locations around the city, it’s super convenient. When you are looking for a dessert place to go with your friend who is stubbornly against trying vegan food, Pinkberry is perfect with both delicious non-vegan and vegan desserts!