Graduation is coming up in less than 40 days. Yes, you heard right. Between wrapping up classes and making the most of your last few weeks in college, your graduation dinner plans might not be on the top of your list, but it's an important event to your family — so it's time to start planning. Although there are many great restaurants in Austin, some are better than others when it comes to celebrating special events. Follow this guide to find the best restaurant to make a reservation for this May.

1. Colleen's Kitchen

Hayden Pigott

This Mueller spot is ideal if you're thinking about the Instagram aesthetic. With incredible natural light, Colleen's Kitchen also has pink chairs, a giraffe lamp, and adorable wallpaper. They feature Southern cooking with a twist, and although I always judge "modern Southern" food, I will say this place is amazing. You can get biscuit sandwiches (think Chick-Fil-A but fancier), fried zucchini, and other Southern-style delights. This is a good place that isn't over the top expensive to take your family — and there is something for everyone.

2. Le Politique 

Yet another aesthetically-pleasing location, Le Politique is the hottest French spot in town. It's located near the new downtown library, so take your family there first. This is French cuisine, so be aware if you have relatives who aren't into it. Le Politique does a wonderful brunch, so if you have an early graduation this might be perfect for you. Some menu items I highly recommend are the steak frites and some of their cheese courses. Feeling a celebratory drink? They also do wonderful cocktails. 

3. Eberly 

You've probably seen the insanity of Eberly on your Instagram feed. This bougie hotspot off of South Lamar has been a hit with Instagrammers and UT students alike. Be forewarned — it is expensive. But this is your graduation dinner, so why not go all out? Make your reservations now, because it fills up quickly. When you go, opt for their wonderful charcuterie board (Antonelli's supplies the cheese) and the Green Circle Chicken Breast (it is moist perfection). For dessert, the seriously good Texas Gold Rush — a lemon custard cake with honey ice cream — will do the trick.

4. Grizzelda's

Hayden Pigott

Walking into Grizzelda’s feels like walking into an oasis within East Austin. Palm fronds cover the walls as a green bar lights up the restaurant, providing a pop of color reminiscent of an island resort’s pool. This is the ideal place for a pink margarita or two (to drown out annoying relatives) and a good meal. They don't overcomplicate the food — the tacos are simple, and you can have paletas for dessert. This is a great graduation dinner spot if your family wants to enjoy Austin's Tex-Mex scene.

5. Mattie's at Green Pastures

Hayden Pigott

Walking into Mattie's feels like walking into a modern-day Louisiana plantation. There might be a wedding happening next door, and a peacock could casually walk past you. Fabulously-dressed people dot the tables as they chow down homemade fried chicken and the best biscuits I've ever had in my life. No kidding — these biscuits have this sweet glazed crunch on the outside, with insides the texture of a fluffy pillow you want to snuggle deep into and never get out. The seasonal butter adds a kick to an already delicious appetizer. Seriously, visit Mattie's — go for the biscuits, stay for the atmosphere.