Anyone who's gluten free knows that finding restaurants with good quality gluten free options is a struggle.  As a gluten free girl myself, I have seen it all and not all of it has been enjoyable. The worst part is trying to find places you can eat when traveling in a new city.  A girl can only eat so many salads!  So whether you're a New York native or a traveler, here are some top notch gluten free accommodating restaurants in NYC that are definitely worth visiting.

1. The Grey Dog

With locations in Chelsea, Union Square, West Village, and Nolita, The Grey Dog is always around for your gluten free needs.  With such a diverse menu, it's amazing that almost everything can be made gluten free upon request.  The Grey Dog has gluten free pasta, several types of gluten free bread, and many other naturally gluten free options.  They also offer a breakfast menu with gluten free pancakes and gluten free french toast.  This restaurant is one of my personal favorites, and I always like to stop by when I'm in the city.

2. Senza Gluten

Finally, an Italian restaurant that doesn't scoff in your face when you ask about gluten free pasta.  At Senza Gluten, EVERYTHING on the menu is gluten free.  If that doesn't sound like paradise, I don't know what is.  Senza Gluten has everything from various pasta dishes, entrees, and my favorite, gluten free Calamari.  They even serve gluten free bread baskets before the meal!  If you're looking for a nice Italian restaurant that is guaranteed to fulfill your gluten free needs, then Senza Gluten is the perfect place.

3. Friedmans

Having 5 locations all around Manhattan and a menu that claims everything can be made gluten free, Friedmans is a spot worth checking out.  Although Friedmans has a menu for every meal, their brunch menu is especially exquisite.  Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or salty, they will have you covered. 

4. Pie by the Pound

All expert gluten free eaters know that the art of the gluten free pizza can be quite difficult, but it seems that Pie by the Pound has the recipe perfected.  The owner of the store has mastered gluten free recipes for pizza, sandwiches, desserts, and more after finding out he was gluten intolerant, so Pie by the Pound is no stranger to the gluten free lifestyle.  This casual restaurant is perfect for eating in and taking out.  In addition to amazing pizza, Pie by the Pound also has truffle grilled sandwiches which are truly delicious and definitely worth a taste.

5. S'MAC

Now, who doesn't like a nice, gooey plate of Mac and Cheese?  S'MAC knows that no one can resist the cheesy goodness, and that gluten free people people should be able to enjoy it too. This NYC restaurant offers gluten free pasta for all of their mac and cheese combinations, and the GF pasta tastes just as good as the real thing.  When you feel in the mood for some old school, classic eats, S'MAC is the perfect restaurant to visit.

Dining out while gluten free can be hard when you don't know where to go, but all of these places offer many choices that you won't be able to resist!  Make sure to check them out when in the Big Apple.