I grew up in Texas and once thought I knew what a bagel should taste like. After moving to Boston, I realized it's a whole different ball game up here. Bagels in the northeast are thick, fluffy, and really just a work of art.

With such vibrant Jewish communities in Boston, it's no surprise that there are numerous places to get your bagel on. I have compiled a list of four places to try for the best bagels in Boston to make your search for Eat a Bagel Day on December 11 easier.

1. Bagelsaurus

Though Bagelsaurus is located in Cambridge, it is quite possibly the best bagel you'll have in the greater Boston area. Since it's opening in 2013, it has won "best bagels" every year. If you're scrolling through Instagram and see a colorful, mouthwatering bagel, chances are it's from Bagelsaurus. If you don't go here within 6 months of living in Boston, you're doing life wrong.  

#SpoonTip: Get there early if you want your choosing of bagel. There is always a line and they tend to sell out before their 3pm closing time.

2. Kupel's Bakery

A Boston-classic, Kupel's has been serving the Brookline area since 1978. Hand-crafting bagels all day, everyday, they have a great assortment to chose from including pumpernickel, cinnamon glaze, and their new orange & cranberry bagel.

And if you're trying to find a healthier option, they offer six different whole wheat bagels and 10 low-fat cream cheese. Before Bagelsaurus, Kupel's was consistently rated #1 for best bagels in Boston, so definitely worth a try. 

3. Exodus

Originally a bagel pop-up, Exodus is finally launching their first store in Jamaica Plain. If you can't wait for the store to open, you can still find them at the Roslindale Village Winter Farmers' Market on Saturdays or order to pickup from their kitchen.

These fluffy and flavorful bagels will make the trip worth it. I personally recommend trying their plain bagel with Sriracha cream cheese. But honestly, you can't go wrong with anything you chose. 

4. Finagle A Bagel

Don't be turned off to Finagle just because you can find it in your grocery store. This Newton-based company has made it big solely because their bagels are that good. Go to the bakery and try them fresh, I promise you it's worth a shot. Also a major bonus: they're serve breakfast all day.