Boston is certainly not lacking in the food department. From seafood on the harbor to Italian in the North End, Boston is full of some of the best cuisine in the country. You can pretty much find any type of food and be satisfied, except for bagels.

Sure there are places that have bagels, but they’re just so-so. Of course there is no equivalent to H&H on this Earth, but Boston has nothing to even stand up to the competition of neighboring cities.

That is until 2013 when Mary Ting Hyatt started popping in Cutty’s Sandwich Shop in Brookline every week for a pop-up restaurant.

*big shocker alert ahead*

It was a huge success. Such a success that Mary crossed the river and set up her own storefront in Cambridge, Bagelsaurus.

Their message is simple: keeping it simple. No gimmicks, just good bagels. “[We specialize] in handmade, slow-fermented bagels. Over 24 hours of patience and fermentation, we coax five simple ingredients and a decades-old sourdough culture into a chewy, crackly, uniquely flavorful version of your favorite breakfast bread.”

It’s really what makes them so successful in a city that has been in dire need of a good bagel.

So let’s talk about the most important part, the product.

The Schmear

boston bagel

Photo by Katie Zizmor

It’s creamy. It’s light and airy. It’s the perfect topping to any bagel. They’ve got plain, scallion, veggie and honey rosemary to satisfy all of your schmear needs.

Let’s not overlook the other spreads they’ve got going. You can try salted butter, mustard butter, housemade almond butter, beet hummus and jam, and you’ll be digging your teeth into goodness every time.

But Bagelsaurus doesn’t stop at high quality bagels and delectable schmear. They put on their thinking caps and came up with original and tasty bagel sandwiches. Here’s a few of our faves.


boston bagel

Photo by Katie Zizmor

This warm and toasty sammich will transport you straight into Ooey-Gooey World. The free range over-medium egg bursts with excitement as your teeth sink into slabs of Maplebrook feta, pimenton aioli and parsley gremolata. This bagel will leave you dreaming about yolk drippage for weeks.

Hot Smoked

boston bagel

Photo by Katie Zizmor

This classic combo is stacked sky high with Boston Smoked Fish Co. hot smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled red cabbage, fresh dill and red onion. And just to further prove that Bagelsaurus really cares about what they’re serving. Boston Smoked Fish Co. is a “small batch, hand crafted,” local Boston establishment.


boston bagel

Photo by Jessica Citronberg

Appropriately named, this bagel will linger on your tastebuds long after you’ve headed home. It’s got a nice thick layer of housemade almond butter, topped with bananas, honey and crispy bacon. What more could you ask for?

#SpoonTip: Make sure to enhance your experience even more by sipping on the killer hot coffee and cold brew available.