Mac n' cheese is America's number one comfort food, and NYC offers the best mac n cheese meals for when you're feeling adventurous.

There's nothing like cheesiness melting in your mouth to get you through a long day, whether you're working, at school, or PMSing. Mac n' cheese is the perfect solution and meal for any occasion, just remember to disregard your calorie count for the day, but that's inevitable when spending the day in NYC.

NYC offers every type of food imaginable, but the mac n' cheese options definitely stand out. So many places are featured all over every basic girl's Insta feed, and if you're anything like I am, you have a food bucket list.

Over college breaks, I spend a few days a week in the Big Apple, and have discovered these amazing places that are for sure to up your mac n' cheese game and be the best NYC meals you'll ever try. Trust me on this one, and visit these four places for great food you will never forget.  

1. The Smith

cheese, pizza
Mikaela Orenstein

The Smith offers one of the most creamy, cheesy, and delicious meals you will ever have the privilege of trying in your life. I kid you not, when I tried this mac n' cheese for the first time, my life was changed. There is more than enough cheese to satisfy anyone's craving AND to please any cheese lover's tastebuds.

While there are several locations of The Smith, I recommend visiting the one in Midtown so you can take a walk in Central Park after to burn off some calories from your guaranteed food coma.

Location: 956 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

2. Delicatessen

cheese, macaroni, casserole
Mikaela Orenstein

Delicatessen offers several different types of mac n' cheese. I chose The Classic because I've always been a fan of American, cheddar, and swiss, fused together to create a mac and cheese masterpiece that will not disappoint.

However, the lobster mac looks on point, and I plan on trying it over winter break for one of my several NYC day trips. No day in NYC would be complete without a trip to SOHO to visit Brandy Melville and, of course, Delicatessen. 

Location: 54 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

3. Beecher's Handmade Cheese

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Mikaela Orenstein

I had the amazing opportunity to try Beecher's at Gov Ball, and my mouth watered at the first bite. Without a doubt, this was my favorite meal I had during the two days I was at this music festival, and one of the best mac n' cheese dishes I've ever had.

I never tasted anything so creamy in my life. There are several different cheeses in this dish and each bite got better and better. You'll be mourning the loss of this mac n' cheese as soon as you finish it, and will def be back for more.

Location: 900 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

4. Cafeteria

cheese, sauce
Mikaela Orenstein
cheese, chicken
Mikaela Orenstein

Cafeteria has not just one, but two amazing mac n' cheese dishes. The first option is your classic baked mac n' cheese that has the perfect balance of cheese to pasta ratio that will fill you up on a college student's budget.

The second option I tried was the mac n' cheese spring rolls. Yes, this is a real thing, and it tastes unbelievable too. If you're feeling bold, less basic, and adventurous, go for the spring rolls since you can't have this anywhere else. 

Location: 119 7th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Mac n' cheese is the best meal imaginable for any day of the week. These four restaurants have the best NYC mac n' cheese eats for when you want to try somewhere new. Each venue has its own unique twist on this comfort food so all five options are worth trying. Additionally, you can cross off several places on your food bucket list, which is one of the most satisfying feelings in any basic girl's life.

NYC offers unlimited food options, but mac n' cheese is my favorite, and it should be yours too. If you're craving mac n' cheese and in NYC, whether it be on a lunch break, college break, or random weekend, stop in to one of these places for a meal you will always remember.