The mornings before class can be a burden for many college students. I rush to complete an assignment that should have been done days ago, brace myself for the long commute, and am in dire need for a caffeine boost to get my mind working. During this time, food is the last thing on my mind, however, I instantly regret not eating when my stomach starts making grotesque noises in the middle of a quiet lecture. I would go out to get a quick bite, but being a vegetarian, healthy and inexpensive food is hard to come by. So I decided to create a small list of places to try around Baruch College that have many delicious vegetarian and vegan-friendly options while also being affordable.

1. Gila's Nosh

221 E 23rd St.

falafel, tzatziki
Viktoriya Glibo

Located just two blocks away from Baruch, Gila's Nosh is the perfect place to get your Mediterranean fix while also giving you a feel of home with the comforting atmosphere. Pictured above is the Falafel Sandwich, a warm and fluffy pita filled with loads of freshly made falafel, cucumbers, tomatoes and tahini. Their menu also includes soups and entree dishes, such as the Vegetarian Lentil Soup and Stuffed Portobello Mushroom.

2. Beyond Sushi

229 E 14th St.
Viktoriya Glibo

If you are in the mood for a little walk, head down towards Union Square for a plant-based lunch at Beyond Sushi. Beyond Sushi has a wide variety of vegan dishes including sushi rolls, wraps, soups and noodle salads. They also offer three different lunch specials, ranging from $9 to $11. I tried the Spicy Mango sushi roll and the Jolly Onion noodle salad. 

3. Wagamama

210 5th Ave.

arugula, salad, risotto, watercress
Viktoriya Glibo

The London-based chain, Wagamama, opened its first location in NYC, and luckily for us, it is right next to Madison Square park. Wagamama offers Japanese inspired dishes such as ramen, teppanyaki, and curry, perfect for a cold winter day. The various vegetarian dishes can be made vegan with the exclusion of eggs. Furthermore, for those of you with a sweet tooth, Wagamama also has a dessert menu with treats such as Banana Katsu and Coconut Ice Cream.

4. By Chloe

60 W 22nd St.

vegetable, meat, chicken, sauce
Viktoriya Glibo

The vegan cult classic restaurant, By Chloe, has opened a second location in the Flatiron district earlier last year. Whether I'm rushing to get lunch in between classes or a sit down dinner with friends, By Chloe is my go to vegan restaurant. The affordable menu is filled with salads, burgers, pastas and more. My favorite dishes are the Mac N' Cheese and Spicy Thai salad.  

A healthy vegetarian lunch can be difficult to find when rushing in between classes. However, these places will surely delight your eyes, taste buds and wallet with their delicious vegetarian options.