Dough Nation is Tampa’s hottest and newest spot offering ice cream and raw cookie dough that keeps you cool on Florida’s warm days. Even with this strange 'chilly weather' it's an excuse to eat cookie dough. Dough Nation serves as a platform benefitting students in the local Metropolitan Ministries culinary program who are finding a way out of being homeless. From the moment I heard it was opening, I made it my mission to go. First off, who doesn’t like eating ice cream? Secondly, how many of us ate bits of the cookie dough before it became warm cookies out of the oven? 

The students from the culinary program also work at Dough Nation to gain experience. The eatery is located in Downtown Tampa so it’s a great option after going to the museums or a casual walk. We got there during lunch so it didn’t begin to fill up until after we arrived. With a multitude of cookie dough flavors including Toasty S’More and Vegan Coconut Macaroon along with ice cream flavors like Chocolate Fantasia and Working Cow Special, it’s hard to decide what to try first. In addition to cookie dough and ice cream, Dough Nation also serves up baked goods, drinks, and ice cream derivatives like sundaes, milkshakes, and ice cream sandwiches. 

Choosing one flavor wasn’t enough for me so I tried three. Totally justifiable: the treats come in small bowls…it’s all about portion sizes, right?

Raspberry Truffle

I don’t remember the last time I had anything raspberry-flavored. Obviously, raspberry is the dominant flavor here and I didn’t feel overwhelmed with berry flavors eating this at all. The lavender color of the ice cream is beautiful and reminds me of a sunny, warm summer day. It was giving me afternoon backyard barbecue and frozen yogurt vibes. 

Alexandria Jones

Double Chocolate Oreo

My inner cookie monster wouldn’t let me leave without trying this one. One of the edible cookie dough options, I couldn’t contain my excitement to try it. A few bites in, to my surprise, were the Oreo cookie bits. The dough is so soft and chewy, the texture from the cookie pieces is a delightful extra layer. If I had the chance, I’d buy it in bulk. The best part of eating the cookie dough is not worrying about it melting and becoming a mess. 

French Vanilla

For those who don’t really jump out of the window when it comes to trying new flavors, there are options for you. The French Vanilla flavor is creamy and the vanilla specks make anyone smile. If I was able to mix and match, I’d use this as a base and mix with a cookie dough flavor like Double Chocolate Oreo (or another flavor). 

Proceeds from Dough Nation go straight to Metropolitan Ministries and their duty to feed the homeless. According to their website, they’ve served over 1 million meals through their hunger programs. Eat all the ice cream and cookie dough of your dreams to help a good cause.