The city of Grand Rapids may seem enormous with what may seem like an infinite number of coffee shops and bakeries to choose from, but here are a few that definitely need to be on your list!

1. Lyon Street Cafe

Lyon Street Cafe is located in Heritage Hill and Midtown Grand Rapids and gives customers an experience to remember.

Their high-quality beverages and food along with a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff give students the perfect place to spend an afternoon studying or catching up with friends.

A variety of pastries are made including cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee cakes, brownies and pies while deli sandwiches and various savory items are also offered. These are made at Nantucket Baking Company.

There are plenty of coffee drinks and teas to choose from as well as hot chocolate. Personally, my favorite drink is the Lavender Earl Grey Latte. When I first sip it, I immediately taste its floral, earthy and sweet flavors beneath its creamy and foamy texture. I am always able to feel at ease and relaxed when I smell and taste the subtle fragrance of lavender. My roommate always finds herself ordering a hot chocolate, not just because of the fancy design created from the top layer of foam, but because of its smooth texture that is just right and not too chocolatey.

2. Nantucket Baking Company

To compliment your beverage, right next door to Lyon Street Cafe is Nantucket Baking Company. They freshly bake a variety of bread and pastries every day using high-quality ingredients.

When you first walk in, you are able to see different kinds of bread on the back of the wall, stacks of cookies in the front, piles of scones and so much more! I love their big cookies, especially the snickerdoodle and chocolate chip. You will be drooling over the chewy inside and crisp outside of these sweet delectable delights. 

Sydney Maranville

3. GR Bagel

If you are looking for a quiet and cute place to grab a quick bite to eat and need a little something to warm you up on a cold wintery day then try GR Bagel, located in the heart of Eastown, Grand Rapids.

They hand make genuine organic boiled bagels every day.  Michigan's Calder Dairy provides GR Bagel with dairy products to make their signature cream cheese.

My favorite drink to order is the chai tea latte which pairs perfectly with any kind of bagel. Their bagel menu offers a variety of flavors including, plain, salt, everything, rosemary focaccia, cinnamon raisin, poppy, pumpernickel, sesame and 7-grain honey wheat. If you get the cinnamon raisin bagel, be sure to get it topped with cinnamon sugar. The crisp, satisfyingly sweet outside is such a simple addition, but the flavors are out of this world delicious. 

Sydney Maranville

If you are cooped up in your apartment or dorm room go explore and try out these coffee shops! Both places have a great vibe with a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Whenever I am stressed out from sitting in my desk chair all day and worrying about all of those blackboard notifications and tests to prepare for, my first instinct is to get out and go study somewhere else. If your energy and motivation levels are low, you may just need the bitterly sweet smells of coffee and baked goods to wake your body up.