When going out to eat with your friends in Fairfield County, it's hard to make a decision because let's face it, no one wants to spend the little hard earned money they have.  While it's nice to go out and splurge every now and then, we rather save that for when the parents are paying for a special occasion.  Next time you and your friends can't decide where to eat, check out this list to make sure you're saving every penny you can. 

1. Border Grill 

Located in Westport, Connecticut, Border Grill offers a wide range of Mexican foods.  A popular place for high schoolers to go and pick up some food after school.  Grab a chicken quesadilla for only $8.50, or if you're feeling healthy the Aztec Chicken Salad is a always favorite only for $9.75.

2. S & S Dugout

A little hole in the wall in Southport, S & S Dugout is a local's favorite go to place for breakfast on the weekends, and lunch.  Try their delicious bacon, egg, and cheese for only $4.50.

3. Rinaldi's Country Deli

Rinaldi's is a favorite in Greenwich.  One of the only places where you can get cones in a sandwich. Not to mention, their hard rolls are to die for, let alone the popular chicken cutlet sandwich with mozzarella, red pepper, and balsamic for only $6.50.  

4. Bagel King 

Located in Fairfield, this is one of the best bagel places in Fairfield Country, we must say.  Your morning bagel doesn't have to break the bank; a bagel with plain cream cheese is only $2.25.

5. Pauli's Deli and Bagels

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Yet again, another bagel place that we just can't get away from. Located in Norwalk, it is hands down one of the most friendly places to find a delicious bacon, egg, and cheese. One bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel costs $4.00 and you bet it's worth every penny.  

6. Sherwood Diner 

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Sherwood is the place to go if you're broke in Westport and looking for cheap breakfast at any hour of the night. Not only will you get an incredibly cheap meal, but you'll probably see ten other people you know while doing it. Everyone eats Sherwood if they're hungry, broke, and craving a short stack, which is only $5.45.  Don't forget everyone's late night snack of curly fries and green goddess.

7. Village Bagels 

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Caroline Anderson

Village Bagels, located in Westport and Fairfield, is up there with Bagel King for being one of the best bagel places in Fairfield County. They are known for their signature rainbow bagels and home made lox cream cheese. A single bagel with cream cheese is just $2.50. 

8. Olde Blue Bird Inn

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Ruth Kissel

It might be a far drive into the depths of Easton, but Blue Bird is totally worth it. It's the perfect place to go for a Sunday Brunch with friends and it won't break the bank. Their Texas French Toast costs only $6.95 and a fullstack of pancakes is also $6.95. 

9. Yamafuji Sushi Lunch Special

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If you're getting sick of sandwiches and diner food, head on over to Yamafuji Sushi, in Westport, for lunch. For just $8.95 you can have two rolls, served with a soup and salad.  Quick, easy, and affordable.   

10. Chip's Family Restaurant

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Ruth Kissel

Although you have to travel all the way to Black Rock for this, Chip's never falls short of impressing you with beautiful Instagram ready short stacks. A personal favorite is the Cinnabon pancake, but there are none that we wouldn't highly recommend. A plain short stack is just $6.49. 

11. Rosie 

Not only is Rosie in the middle of downtown New Canaan, making it a perfect place to meet up with friends, you can always find something extremely delicious, picture friendly, and cheap. Rosie serves both breakfast, lunch, and brunch, serving an egg white burrito for $12 and buttermilk pancakes for $9. 

12. Coffee An' Donut Shop 

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A cute, little, old fashioned style breakfast place, located in Westport. A local's favorite for melt in your mouth, unbelievable, homemade donuts each only $1.45.  Be sure to check out the chocolate, vanilla cruller, and their famous coconut-twist glazed cruller. Not to mention bacon, egg, and cheeses, pancakes, muffins, and more. Enough said. 

13. Valencia 

Not only was this small, but popular Luncheria featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri from the Food Network, it has also been reviewed by food critics from media sources like the New York times with none other than praise. Valencia is the perfect place to find typical Mexican comfort food at a low price. A build your own burrito only costs $10.00.

14. Colony Grill 

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Located in Fairfield, Stamford, and South Norwalk, it's hard to stay from Colony's signature hot oil pizzas. Don't feel bad about devouring a whole pie by yourself, everyone does. One pie costs $8.50 and every topping extra costs $1.50.

15. Corbo's Corner Deli 

With multiple locations, including Greenwich and Stamford, Corbo's features a wide selection of breakfast and lunch foods.  With sandwiches ranging around $6.00, Corbo's is the perfect place to satisfy your lunch craving without making a dent in your wallet.

16. Upper Crust Bagel Company

If you're looking for a bagel in Greenwich, then Upper Crust is the place to go. Growing up, the only reason I didn't hate going to the doctor was because I would get an Upper Crust bagel afterwards. One of the best bagel places in Greenwich, a bagel with cream cheese costs just $2.50. 

17. Christie's Country Store

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Located right near the middle school and high school in Westport, it is a favorite place for students to walk to after school to hang out, or before sports games. A personal favorite is the Chicken Little sandwich with chicken salad, goat cheese, toasted walnuts and roasted tomatoes, for only $7.50.  Christie's is convenient for all meals, especially in the morning for their amazing iced coffee, which contains coffee ice cubes