Even though San Francisco is (hella) foggy all year round, it offers some of the best burgers, best tourist spots, and of course, the best desserts. Coming back home from college this summer, I went on some food adventures around town to find the best San Francisco desserts. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite San Francisco dessert spots ranging from my childhood favorites to the new shop on the block, so make sure to add these places to your bucket list!  

1. Anything from Milkbomb Ice Cream

Milkbomb offers crowd-favorite ice cream flavors such as Ube and Sesame Street. 11/10 would recommend the Guava Lava and the Jasmine Tea. You can have your ice cream served on a donut or in a premium cone. The premium cones come in unique flavors such as matcha, lavendar, creamsicle, and blue corn. 

2. The Banana Tart Tatin at ROOH

ROOH is a new Indian-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in the SoMa. The best dessert is easily their delicious Banana Tart Tatin. It's made of warm, sticky bananas encased in a flaky crust, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and sesame nougat. You'll go bananas for this. 

3. Açaí Bowls and Smoothies from Basik Cafe

This place is basic basic basic. For the bowls and smoothies, you can blend different juices, milks, and toppings. I love their Mayan smoothie, which consists of açaí, almond butter, banana, fresh mint, hemp milk, and cacao nibs. I'm not sure if this dessert since it's quite good for your health. 

4. The Iced Matcha Latte Boba at Fifty Fifty

This boba drink is not only very aesthetically pleasing, but it's also a 10/10 in flavor. The drink tastes strongly of real matcha and the milk consistency is just right (not overly creamy). Not to mention, the milk to matcha ratio is perfect. The boba balls themselves are sweet and chewy. If you're not feeling boba, Fifty Fifty also offers good coffee and pastries. 

5. Fro-yo from Loving Cup 

Loving Cup uses real yogurt and then churns it on the spot for you. You start with a vanilla or chocolate base and then you choose from a list of fruits and toppings to blend in. The mocha chip with vanilla base and vanilla blended with blueberries and animal crackers are both unique and delicious picks. 

6. The Mark Mango at Lao Table

My favorite fruit (besides durian) is mango. The Mark Mango from Lao Table by Osha Thai consists of mango sticky rice and a huge tower of mango shaved ice. It also comes with a side of mango juice for the shaved ice and condensed milk for the sticky rice, to cater to your taste. The mangoes are ripe and yummy, making this dessert extra fresh. 

7. Green Tea Ice Cream from Polly Ann

chocolate, cream, ice cream, ice
Anna Yang

This is not matcha. This is green tea. Real green tea. Their green tea ice cream tastes like a good cup of tea. It's not infused with extra sugar or sweetness. If you're not too hot about green tea, there are 47 other flavors for you to try such as strawberry mango swirl and Star Wars (mint with marshmallows). If you can't decide on a flavor, spin their Wheel of Fate.

8. The 6th Anniversary Cake from Bluestem Brassiere

Bluestem Brassiere not only serves good brunch burgers, but they also have a quality selection of desserts. The Strawberry Crunch is pretty good, but their 6th Anniversary Cake is a must. Six layers to celebrate six years, of course. The layers are red velvet, devils food, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, raspberry jam, and raspberry buttercream. Come by and celebrate! 

9. Taiyaki Cone from Uji Time

Uji Time recently opened their new Bay Area location in Japantown to bring the fishes to SF! This place is famous for its Taiyaki fish cone. The taiyaki fish cone is served in a fish-shaped cone and offers toppings like red beans, sprinkles, and Pocky. This wonderful place offers unique ice cream flavors such as matcha, black sesame, tofu, honey, and lavender. 

10. Vietnamese Che from Little Paris 

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Anna Yang

Little Paris has been on Stockton Street in Chinatown for over 30 years, serving banh mi sandwiches, noodle soups, Vietnamese iced coffee, and rice dishes. They also have Che, which are Vietnamese desserts made of coconut milk, mung beans, tapioca, jelly, fruits, basil seeds, pomegranate, and so on. Be sure to swing by when you're craving good Vietnamese food! 

11. Green Tea Shaved Ice from Joy's Place

The green tea shaved ice is one of the hot picks on the menu. I like it a lot because there's green tea ice cream, mochi, red beans, grain powder, and nuts on top of the shaved ice. The toppings add extra crunch and sweetness to the dessert. Joy's place is a cute little cafe sitting just on the outskirts of Union Square, so don't miss it when you're out shopping.  

12. Hand Dipped Cones from Gott's Roadside

Note: only the Gott's location at San Francisco Ferry Building has soft serve. Their lineup of flavors include Cloud Top Frozen Yogurt's original tart, Straus' vanilla, and Dutch chocolate, and Double 8 Dairy's fior di latte, coffee, and salted caramel. The coolest part is the shell-dipping where your soft serve is drenched in chocolate, peanut butter, cherry, or blue raspberry. 

13. Dan Tat from Golden Gate Bakery

Dan Tat is the hot spot for tourists and locals in San Francisco's Chinatown. These babies have creamy egg custard sitting on pastry crust that's perfect baked so that it's not overly crispy and not too soggy. The lines are (very) long, but your dan tats will be warm and toasty! 

#SpoonTip: Golden Gate Bakery closes for vacations for various periods of time during the year, so should check out make sure that it's open before you go.

14. Honey Soft Serve with Honeycomb at Honey Creme

Soft serve makes the heart happy. The creamy consistency melts in your mouth while the honey and the other toppings, such as chocolate, caramel popcorn, or cotton candy, make for this to be the perfect dessert. 

15. Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie at Hot Cookie

Yes, they are well-known for their penis-shaped cookies, but they also serve a lot of other great cookies like the oatmeal one. I really like having white chocolate and cranberries because it contrasts the sweet with the tart. Their cookies are priced by ounce, so you won't be ripped off if your cookie is just a little smaller than the others.

16. Strawberry Napoleon Cake at Schubert's Bakery

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Anna Yang

I always wished for my birthday to come faster (when I was a kid of course, not anymore) so I could have this cake. The crunchy puff pastry layers are very fresh since they prepare their cakes according to when you're picking it up to ensure that the puff pastry isn't soggy. The filling is to die for. It's made with fresh strawberries and rum custard while the cake is topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit, and surrounded by ladyfingers.

17. Mango anything at Creations Dessert House

If you're looking for a good Asian dessert place, you have to give this place a try. They're well-known for their Hong Kong sweets, especially their mango-flavored treats. Their mango madness, mango pomelo sago, and mango mochi are a must. 

18. Creme Brulee Ice Cream from Bi-Rite Creamery

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Anna Yang

Ice cream is happiness condensed. That is no lie at Bi-Rite. I fell in love with the creme brulee flavor when I tried it in June 2016 and I basically have been raving about it ever since. It tastes like heaven, so you should cross your fingers that it's on the menu next time you're there. The balsamic strawberry is delicious, too. 

19. Brioche Sticky Bun from Le Marais Bakery 

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Anna Yang

I love cinnamon rolls, but sticky buns are on a totally different level. Especially the brioche sticky bun from Le Marais Bakery on Chestnut Street in the Marina. When you tear it apart, the dough is soft and fluffy. It tastes even more extraordinary because the dough mixes perfectly with the sweet coating and balances out with a crunch from the pecans on top. 

20. Matcha Latte Boba at Boba Guys

It's basic. It's pretty for pictures. It's really good matcha boba. Boba Guys uses quality organic milks and premium teas to brew up the perfect drink. The matcha is perfect for me as the bitterness contrasts with the sweetness of the milk and the boba balls. There are a few locations around SF, but there will always be a line on the weekends since everyone is out for a sip.

21. Ice Cream in a Chimney Cone at Garden Creamery

The owners of Garden Creamery started off with a dessert truck, and finally opened their shop in the Mission to bring some of the best ice cream to the best city. Their flavors are very unique and include flavors like Japanese Milk Coffee, Hojicha, Earl Grey, and Pandan Coconut. If you want the Chimney Cone (which you really should), stop by on Saturdays between 2-4 pm, because that's the only time they're served. 

22. Roasted Banana Split at Precita Park Cafe

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Photo courtesy of Precita Park Cafe 

I'm all about bananas, so of course this banana split wins my heart. A good banana split is made with good ice cream. Precita uses Mitchell's ice cream (some of the best ice cream in SF). It also has whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and a maraschino cherry on top. Be sure to swing by when you're in the Bernal Heights neighborhood.  

23. Honey Toast Dessert at Sno-Crave Tea House

This is the epitome of dessert: warm honey toast with ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, and toppings such as macarons, red bean, cookies, or marshmallows. Sno-Crave serves this dessert in various ways, such as a whole half loaf of toast or cut into golden brick toast pieces.

24. Animal Crepes at Belly Good Cafe and Crepes

Crepes filled with ice cream, fruit, and toppings are the cherry on top to your day. Belly Good Crepes in Japantown serves some of the cutest crepes because of the different animal designs. My favorite is the bear, but it's too pretty for me to want to eat!  

25. Cruffins from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

"I got baked in San Francisco." Lines start at 7am (even on weekends) and there are two lines: one for pastries, one for cruffins only. The cruffins are made of a croissant shell that's buttery and flaky, while the inside is filled with the seasonal flavor. It's worth the wait. 

I hope this list has taken you on an adventure to the best San Francisco desserts, but nothing beats experiencing it for yourself. So get your wallet ready and stop by these places to make your time in the city extra sweet!