Art, culture, food, shopping, and music — Chicago really has it all. However, as every big city, it is sometimes filled with lousy recommendations and tourist traps. So in order to help you make the most of your time in the Windy City, here are the best restaurants to enjoy when you only have 24 hours in Chicago.

Firecakes Donuts

Alexandra Oduber

Is there a better breakfast than a hot cappuccino and a sweet doughnut? If you are starting your morning in the River North, you can't miss out on your chance to try Firecakes Donuts.

I personally recommend getting the Old Fashioned Buttermilk or the Honey Glazed. However, if you aren't feeling very adventurous, when has a Red Velvet doughnut let you down?


You can't go wrong with Eataly. You could be looking for burrata, a mozzarella and pesto panini, a plate of warm rigatonis with sauce, or even a cannoli to finish off your day. Whatever it is, you'll sure find it at Eataly. Of course, adding a glass of wine or a Bellini to your meal never hurts, either. But best of all? It's going to be of the best quality. 

Cantina Laredo

Looking for some good lunch plans? Cantina Laredo is the perfect solution. Spice up the middle of your day with some fajitas, guacamole, quesos, and of course, tacos.

Everything on the menu is amazing (but I mean, when is Mexican food not?). But if you are looking to get lunch with your friends, stop here and order some margaritas and dips. 

RPM Italian

This is a little more expensive than the average restaurant recommendation, but it's worth it. If you're looking to be truly delighted with some of the freshest salads and the richest pastas, RPM Italian is the place. 

The portions are perfect for sharing, so if you are looking for a place to gather some friends and celebrate with amazing plates, this is it. I recommend everything on the menu, so try to squeeze in as many plates as you can taste.

And quick tip, don't leave without asking for the specials, they seriously are special dishes. 


See? Ramen isn't only for college students. At Ramen-san, you get your regular Japanese ramen noodles with a twist of new and different flavors.You really can't say you've had ramen until you've tasted these noodles. And don't forget to leave some room for dessert.

So, even though this city is filled with amazing restaurants like these, don't forget that if you only have 24 hours in Chicago, give yourself enough time to walk around and admire the scenery and destinations of the city.

Make some time (or maybe even dedicate an extra day if you can) to visit Cloud Gate (The Bean), the Art Institute of Chicago and the Navy Pier. But of course, in between, you've got to eat. So, try the food and have an amazing time in Chicago.