Nicknamed "the city that never sleeps", New York City is famous for its lively nightlife: bright lights, honking taxis, and bustling crowds 24 hours a day. However, like any other city, New York suffers from a surprising lack of obvious places to cure that 3 a.m. food craving or a bad case of the munchies with something other than a Big Mac

Here is a list of 24 hour restaurants in Manhattan that you can hit up next time you find yourself starving in the middle of the night, and the thought of greasy food at a 24 hour diner just isn't doing it for you.


Located in Chelsea, Cafeteria is the ideal American comfort food spot. The sleek black and white interior gives your typical 24 hour restaurant an upgrade. Although it's known to attract the drunk 3 a.m. crowd with its Mac & Cheese, it also is a great place to go during regular hours. Cafeteria can cure all your cravings for any time of day—or night. 


Coppelia in the West Village serves up Cuban and Latin comfort food. However, they also have sandwiches, burgers, and an All Day menu that includes breakfast foods like buttermilk pancakes and ricotta waffles—because when has breakfast for dinner never not been a good idea? 

French Roast

With an Uptown and Downtown location, there is no reason for you not to stop at French Roast and experience its airy, cafe environment with French bistro dishes. They have a menu for every standard meal of the day and for every meal in between. 


This Ukrainian restaurant located in the East Village is still abuzz during the early morning hours, crowded with people who are craving their most popular item: pierogies. Its huge variety of choices of fillings and sides will be enough to keep you there all night long. 

Han Bat

If you're craving Bibimbap and happen to be wandering Midtown in the late hours of the night, stop by Han Bat for this very popular Korean dish. No matter what time it is, Han Bat will give you a perfect place to go to to satisfy that nagging Korean craving. 

So, forget the $1 pizza place, greasy diners, and fast food restaurants that taunt you at three in the morning with their bright neon, hypnotizing signs . It's time to raise your expectations.