Not really into the whole stereotypical Irish meal of beef and potatoes? Have no fear — I’ve got you covered.

After spending four months in Ireland, I got a good sense of the type of food city folk are eating there these days. And if I do say so myself, it is delicious. It’s also more varied than you would think — Dublin is definitely vegetarian-friendly, but of course has a million options for meat-lovers too. So whether you’re headed off to Dublin soon or you just added it onto your travel list, keep the names of these amazing food places close by. 



Photo courtesy of @foodfromthehood on Instagram

Say hello to breakfast served all day. All. Day. From eggs Benedict to warm waffles to a traditional Irish breakfast, this cozy brunch place has all.

#SpoonTip: Irish breakfast includes blood pudding, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. So try it out if you’re adventurous.

2. Yogism


Photo by Claire Webster

Delicious and healthy froyo and pancakes? Count me in. Their toppings are always changing and range from fresh fruit to the cream from the inside of a kinder bueno bar.

#SpoonTip: If you guess correctly how much your froyo weighs, you get it for free.

3. Oscars Café Bar


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Fresh food, a chill atmosphere, and huge gin and tonics are what you’ll find at Oscars. Their menu covers every craving you’d have, from cheesy garlic bread to mussels and burgers.

#SpoonTip: Their dessert cheese board acts as a perfect appetizer for pre-dinner munchies.

4. Murphy’s Ice Cream


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Murphy’s ice cream is entirely made in Ireland, starting with milk from their cows in Dingle. Their flavors include gin, white chocolate and rosewater, honey lavender, and brown bread. Boozy ice cream? Yes please.

#SpoonTip: They encourage endless samples so definitely do not hesitate to try every single flavor.

5. Butlers Hot Chocolate


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This hot chocolate tastes like straight up melted chocolate. Which is amazing, because you can never have too much when it comes to chocolate.

#SpoonTip: You get a free truffle of your choice with every drink you buy. Win.

6. Eddie Rockets


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This is perfect for the cravings that only American-style diners can fulfill. Eddie Rockets is an obvious knock-off of Johnny Rockets, which gives a familiar feel for when you’re missing home.

#SpoonTip: This tastes especially good at 3 am.

7. KC Peaches


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You can get soups, salads, and sandwiches any way you want them here. KC Peaches is also home to the “Coco Chai,” which is a mix of a chai tea latte and hot chocolate. Two of the best drinks combined — what more could you ask for?

#SpoonTip: Every menu item can be made vegetarian.

8. Gourmet Burger Kitchen 


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Friendly to meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. GBK has so many different options and has great student deals.

#SpoonTip: Shake some Hei Hei salt (a salt and peri peri seasoning) on your fries. Don’t question it, just do it.

9. Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge


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This cozy café was voted the best hot chocolate in Dublin. Ironically, you actually make the drink yourself by stirring in the chocolate chips.

#SpoonTip: You get a choice of white, dark, or milk chocolate.

10. Kokoro Sushi Bento


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No matter where you study abroad, it is essential to find a good sushi place. No need to worry, because we found it for you.

#SpoonTip: There are take-out options on the menu, but Kokoro also has seating so you can take your time enjoying the fresh, handmade sushi.

11. Phoenix Park Café


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Enjoy tea time in the biggest park in Dublin. Coffee and pastry in hand, make sure to check out all the adorable animals in the Dublin Zoo, which is also located in Phoenix Park.

#SpoonTip: This cozy café is perfect whether you need a coffee to wake you up or just a relaxing afternoon teatime.

12. The Good Food Store


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There is seriously no better name for this store. Everything that they sell here is good, from the feta rolls to the coconut soup to the sweet potato salad.

#SpoonTip: This place is one of the most affordable and has great food and friendly employees.

13. Berlin


Photo by Hannah Crotty

Another perfect place for lunch, Berlin offers sammies and hot drinks. They also have a mini stage where a single DJ can stand and play music — Germans always find a way to incorporate partying, which makes this café by day, club by night restaurant so special.

#SpoonTip: Try the German beer and bratwurst.

14. Oolong Flower Power Café


Photo by Claire Webster

Calling all tea lovers (and haters) — visit Oolong ASAP. This hipster café not only offers almost every tea known to man, but also serves delicious sandwiches, coffee, and pastries. Come during lunch for great student deals and a perfect place to wind down between classes.

#SpoonTip: Though their smoothies are not as popular as some of the other items on the menu, they taste just as good as everything else.

15. Coppinger Row


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If your parents come to visit and want to take you out somewhere nice, suggest Coppinger Row. You can order amazing cocktails, like the Flo and Basy, which is made with elderflower syrup and basil. It’s on the pricier side of the restaurants in this list, but easily has some of the best food and drinks in Dublin. Oh, and Beyoncé low-key ate here.

#SpoonTip: If you strike up a conversation with the waiters, they are more than happy to share the cocktail recipes with you. Trust me, after trying these drinks you’re going to want to become a mixologist so you will always be able to have them.


Thanks a million for all the delicious meals, Ireland!