Now that we all know dessert has actual benefits, you can freely try every single one of the best desserts in Richmond. If you've never been one to turn down dessert, Richmond is the place for you. Try one (or more) of these places for their delicious classics and epic flavors. 

While there are some very real competitions between some of the destinations on this list (i.e. Sugar Shack vs. Duck Donuts, or Pearl's vs. Carytown Cupcakes), I tried to be as unbiased as possible when tasting these desserts. When it comes down to it, I recommend trying them all. Just so you can be sure you agree with me, of course. 

1. The Dog and Pig Show

The Dog and Pig Show is actually a restaurant, but you need to save room for a lot of dessert. The menu has a Milk & Cookies bar, cookies including Caramel Crack Latte cookies (unreal), Peanut Butter Monsters, and the Hot Chocolate Cups pictured above. Two words: get there. 

2. Sugar Shack Donuts

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Alessia Barcelo

Sugar Shack Donuts is on Thrillist's definitive list of the 33 Best Donut Shops in America, so it has to get some respect. Ultimately, its ranking on these lists is what attracts many donut-eating visitors to Richmond. Flavors include "Tastes Like a Samoa," Chocolate Butterfinger, and Apple Cake. You can't go wrong. 

3. Red Eye Cookie Co.

You can't actually get this cookie sandwich from Red Eye, but you won't be disappointed by their cookies. They're chewy, the perfect size, and you can get them delivered, still warm, right to your door past midnight. Their best flavors are Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream, hands-down.  

4. Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe

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Alessia Barcelo

Pearl's has the best cupcakes in town. The classics are all mouth-watering, but the key is to browse through the specialty menu. Can you think of a better cupcake than "The Parent Trap?" It's a peanut butter Oreo cupcake topped with a vanilla peanut butter swirl frosting and Oreos.

5. Duck Donuts

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Caroline Early

Choose your icing, topping, and drizzle. And yes, you can get bacon on your donut. Little known fact: they have donut holes on the menu as well. Everyone knows this is University of Richmond's go-to place on weekend mornings, and a huge Instagram opportunity.

6. Boyer's

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Rebecca Goldman

Boyer's is Richmond's best place for ice cream and gelato from Gelato Celesti (and even breakfast sandwiches!). There are dozens of flavors including "Just Ask," a vanilla base with with peanut butter and Oreo, pictured above. Serious creds go to anyone who can complete the challenge and get their picture on the wall, but you have to eat almost a pound of ice cream in one sitting. 

7. Proper Pie Co.

I don't know what New Zealand-style pie is, but that's fine by me. Handheld pies are the way to go at Proper Pie Co. for all the pie-lovers out there. The crust is homemade, the fillings of the pies are fresh, and you won't leave a crumb left on your plate.

8. Cinnamon Buns from WPA Bakery

WPA Bakery is a neighborhood bakery that has the best cinnamon buns I've tasted. If you like any other kind of baked goods, you're in luck. There's pie a la mode, cupcakes, cookies, cake, macarons, and cheesecake, so you really don't have a bad option. And for the vegans and gluten-free people out there, you don't have to miss out either—they have dessert options for you too. 

9. Charm School 

Charm School knows how to do ice cream. You can get a topping of toasted fluff, salted caramel, and hot fudge, so that basically makes this place the best. They also do milkshakes, sundaes, cakes, and baked goods, which all look just as mouth-watering.

10. Cake from Shyndigz

Shyndigz offers huge slices of cake and pie on their stacked menu. Specializing in strictly desserts, the Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake, Peanut Butter Pie, and some rotating specials like Crack Pie and Spotted Cow Cake can all be yours to try. The next on my list to try is the Butterfinger cake, a special.

11. Stoplight Gelato Café

Located on a side street in Jackson Ward, Stoplight is a hidden gem. They have the creamiest gelato that you can get on top of a Belgian waffle, because why not? The Mocha Latte and Cinnamon Bun flavors are clear winners.

12. Pie from Whisk

Not only are there pies, but there are also eclairs, and these cakes. The Candy Bar Cake is a dark chocolate cake layered with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate ganache, dulce de leche caramel, and chopped salted peanuts.

13. Carytown Cupcakes 

These cupcakes aren't overly rich and are the perfect size for a snack. They have some unique flavors, like Banana Pancakes—a vanilla cupcake filled with caramelized banana pudding and topped with maple whipped cream frosting. There's also Chocolate Mocha, which is a chocolate cupcake soaked in Blanchard’s Coffee, topped with coffee cream cheese frosting.

14. Banana Pudding Crème Brûlée from Comfort

This Banana Pudding Crème Brûlée made it onto the list of the 50 Best Things to Eat in Richmond, Virginia Before You Die, so it's fitting that this dessert made the cut. It's the perfect combination of Bananas Foster and Crème Brûlée. Comfort has all the best Southern desserts—it's the best comfort food around in Richmond.

15. Reese's Cake from Mr. Baker

I saved the best for last. Mr. Baker makes cakes to order, and he goes all out with the toppings. This one is a Reese's Cake, but he definitely doesn't limit himself to just Reese's. He also makes bacon cinnamon rolls, so there's another reason to go check out Mr. Baker now. 

Now that you've seen a sufficient amount of dessert porn, you're going to have to make your own bucket list and conquer these 15 places. I've mastered the art of dessert and I think you should too. Richmond is a great place to execute my motto, "there's always room for dessert."