Ever since Instagram was created, people have become insanely obsessed. Posting pictures so quickly and easily has also allowed for thousands of accounts to pop up that are solely related to just food. 

Going into your freshman year, you'll definitely want to know the best places to eat off campus and what better way than to see actual Instagram's of your food before going. I've scoped out the foods that are the most popular to post among Richmond students so you don't have to stalk someone and accidentally like an old photo. 

10. Acai Bowls:

With so many smoothie joints popping up in the Richmond area recently, it's no secret that people find these acai bowls so aesthetically pleasing. They're basically the equivalent of a sunset picture on Instagram. You can find them at Ginger Juice and The Pit and The Peel

9. Mac n Cheese:

It doesn't even have to be mac n cheese, simply any photo with pasta in it will 100% cheer you up and make you jealous at the same time. There are multiple Italian restaurants near campus but I've heard you can't miss out on Mosaic's mac n cheese. 

8. Cake:

If you didn't know already, there's a restaurant in Richmond that is entirely devoted to dessert, including this mouth watering, oversized piece of chocolate cake. When you go to Shyndigz, you can't not snap a picture of this masterpiece before eating it. 

7. The Create Bar at Ellewoods Thompson:

The options are endless for the different types of bowls, sandwiches and smoothies you can make at this healthy market. They also have the best breakfast wraps and omelettes in case the D-hall omelette line is too long. Pictures of these healthy meals are the perfect balance to your pizza post.  

6. Tots & Fries:

It's definitely a tie with these two since many local RVA restaurants make insane creations of french fries and tatter tots to help you cure those "Sunday scaries", as well as enjoy during you Saturday brunch. If you wan't dope tots check out Toast, it's super close to campus! 

5. Tacos:

The fact that Richmond has had multiple taco trucks on campus proves how much students love their Mexican food. There are so many local Mexican restaurants to go to for happy hour as well as some good tacos.

4. Cupcakes:

Initially I wouldn't call myself a cupcake enthusiasts but that was before I tried the popular spot of Carytown Cupcakes. This place is so popular with Richmond kids, you'll begin recognize the pink boxes when people bring them back to campus. 

3. Pizza:

If you didn't order pizza after a lodge did you really even go to one? Obviously Dominos and Papa Johns are up there but you definitely need to check out places like Christians and the Mellow Mushroom if you're looking for a truly delicious slice.

2. Ice-Cream:

Obviously Boyer's is a fan favorite since its location is pretty close to campus but there are plenty of other options like Gelati-Celesti and Bevs or even Sweet Frog

1. Donuts:

If us Richmond students were a food, I'm pretty sure we'd all be donuts. It's pretty safe to say UR students are obsessed. A trip to  Duck Donuts or Sugar Shack is guaranteed to give you a good pick me up. 

As you can see, there are many options and honestly it is almost hard to rank them because they're all equally delicious! 

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