Living on Long Island is both a privilege and a lifestyle. College food gets so repetitive and boring that you can't help but get nostalgic about the best pizza and bagels from your hometown. While going home for college breaks is often bittersweet, looking forward to some of the best meals gets you through the separation from your best friends and favorite place on earth.

There are so many food options on Long Island that it was hard to narrow down which to include, but for all you Long Islanders, I think these are the top 14 meals and snacks that you can relate to.

1. Town Bagel

jam, cake, butter, chocolate
Mikaela Orenstein

There is nothing on this planet as good as Long Island bagels. At home we are for sure spoiled by the size and numerous flavors available. Bagels at college are sub-par at best, and definitely cause you to feel deprived of this classic food.

There is nothing like going home and grabbing a bagel from Town to satisfy your bagel craving after months away at school. From your typical plain bagel to your more obscure French toast bagel, Town has it all.

Location: 2729 Merrick Rd, Bellmore, NY 11710

2. Morning Rose Cafe

french toast, toast, cream, strawberry, chocolate, whipped cream, pancake, banana
Mikaela Orenstein

Sticking to the topic of breakfast, Morning Rose has your basic breakfast staples as well as those with unique twists. Long Island is known for its diners, and while Morning Rose has more of a bed and breakfast feel, the brunch options do not disappoint.

Looking forward to having a substantial and delicious meal such as crispy French toast bites is without a doubt a step up from dining hall pancakes or waffles.

Location: 317 Bedford Ave, Bellmore, NY 11710

3. La Piazza

pesto, broccoli, pasta
Mikaela Orenstein

Pizza is the only food that rivals the quality of LI bagels. All Long Islanders have heard of La P as it is almost always the first stop on your way home from school.

If you're anything like I am, you refuse to eat the pizza at school because let's face it, we are beyond spoiled by the amazingness of La Piazza and no pizza will ever live up to our high expectations.

Location: 2191 Merrick Rd, Merrick, NY 11566

4. Snaps American Bistro

Mikaela Orenstein

Snaps is a restaurant centered around American comfort foods. One of my favorite foods is mac n' cheese, and Snaps' version is beyond tasty. While you may not know Snaps by its name, I'm sure you've seen pics of the mac and cheese burger all over LI food Instagram accounts.

There is nothing like coming home to good mac and cheese, and Snaps kills the mac and cheese game regardless of whether you stick to the traditional version or go for the more adventurous one.

Location: 2010 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793

5. Xaga Sushi and Asian Japanese Fusion Restaurant

Mikaela Orenstein

Three words: spicy tuna pizza. I am literally always craving spicy tuna in college every day of the week. Xaga has one of the best versions of spicy tuna pizza that I've ever had in my life, and is a must when I am home from college. There's no better feeling than satisfying a spicy tuna craving and Xaga certainly gets the job done.

Location: 217 Merrick Rd, Merrick, NY 11566

6. Ginza

sushi, wasabi, avocado, tuna, rice, salmon
Mikaela Orenstein

Similarly, I always have a sushi craving in college. No matter what type of sushi I am in the mood for, Ginza has it all. While Long Islanders have their favorite sushi place, Ginza is mine.

Even though at times I hate leaving my college life behind for a few days or weeks, looking forward to eating the best sushi makes up for it. It is literally impossible to come home to Long Island without making a stop at your fave sushi place.

Location: 45 Carmans Rd, Massapequa, NY 11758

7. Piccolo Restaurant

pasta, sauce, salmon, macaroni, penne, smoked salmon, spaghetti, vegetable
Mikaela Orenstein

There's nothing in this world like good vodka sauce. All over Long Island there are several Italian restaurants, but I can assure you that Piccolo has the most amazing vodka sauce.

Having Italian food is a basic necessity at home because surprisingly, good Italian food in a college town is not as easy to find as one may think. Ordering this dish with extra sauce on the side is for sure the right move. 

Location: 2770 Sunrise Hwy, Bellmore, NY 11710

8. Jordan Lobster Farm

lobster, crab
Mikaela Orenstein

Once again, Long Islanders are spoiled. During the summer when everyone flocks to the beach, stopping for a lobster roll from Jordan Lobster Farms is the common procedure.

This fresh lobster is perfect for a hot beach day after you've taken in way more sun than you should have. Lobster rolls are definitely not a luxury you have at college so you better make the most of lobster roll season while you can.

Location: 1 Pettit Pl, Island Park, NY 11558

9. Diner by the Sea 

cream, ice, chocolate, milk, whipped cream, sweet, milkshake, goody
Mikaela Orenstein

(Internally sings "my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard.")

Sticking to the beach theme, after a walk on the boardwalk, Diner by the Sea is a must to get your tie dye milkshake craving satisfied. Also, most importantly, you'll get a good Insta out of this visit that will have all of your non LI followers beyond jealous of this beautiful creation.

Location: 260 E Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

10. Ralph's Famous Italian Ices & Ice Cream

Mikaela Orenstein

Ralph's is by far one of the most important staples LI has to offer. Opening day is basically the equivalent of a national holiday, and closing day is one of the worst days of the year. After stopping at La P for dinner, Ralph's is the only logical next stop. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times my college friends get annoyed at me for mentioning Ralph's. Sorry not sorry, LI has it all.

Location: 153 Merrick Rd, Merrick, NY 11566 

11. Marvel Frozen Dairy

ice, cream, chocolate
Mikaela Orenstein

People all over Long Island rush to Marvel to get the best soft serve in the world. Marvel has been established for decades and is the quintessential ice cream stand.

Whether you're from Nassau or Suffolk, I guarantee that you've been to, or at least heard of, Marvel. Taking a trip to Lido Beach would be incomplete without stopping for this ice cream. 

Location: 258 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY 11561

12. Krisch's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlour

cream, ice, chocolate, sundae, whipped cream, fudge
Mikaela Orenstein

As previously mentioned, LI is known for its endless supply of diners. Krisch's is one of them, but it has a huge selection of homemade ice cream. Other than being a perfect date location, this Massapequa diner has every classic flavor of ice cream as well as an endless supply of toppings. A trip home would not be the same without a stop at Krisch's for the biggest and sweetest ice cream sundae imaginable.

Location: 11 Central Ave, Massapequa, NY 11758

13. Doughology  

chocolate, doughnut, sweet, candy, cream, pastry, cake
Mikaela Orenstein

Before trying Doughology, I had no idea that so many flavors of doughnuts existed. Since you have the option of creating your own doughnut or buying a dozen to bring home, this is the perfect afternoon outing to please your sweet tooth and catch up with high school friends you haven't seen since summer ended. 

Location: 45 Atlantic Ave, Lynbrook, NY

14. The Cup Coffeehouse

peanut butter, peanut, butter, chocolate
Mikaela Orenstein

The Cup is one of the coolest and most chill places to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night. The dessert options and drink selections are endless and there is without a doubt something for everyone. The homey environment paired with live music and great food is one of the best parts of being home for a college break. 

Location: 3268 Railroad Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793

College is one of the best times of anyone's life, and coming home for a holiday or a random weekend can be bittersweet. However, Long Island has everything to offer to its native college students, and a trip home would not be complete without a few stops at pizza places, bagel shops, ice cream parlors, and diners.

Instead of being sad about leaving school for a short period of time, having the ability to drive all over the island to visit some of your favorite places and eat at Long Island staples is definitely something to be relished.