We all know that dining hall food usually leaves a lot to be desired. And even if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen where you go to school, sometimes the thought of trying to cook after a long day of papers and tests and clubs can be extremely daunting. Usually, even though it's definitely not ideal, we opt to grab food that's pre-made, cheap, and probably not all that good. This is why breaks are so important. Breaks are a time to go home, relax, indulge, and stuff your face with delicious food. And if you live in the 10583, we've got some pretty awesome suggestions on where you should start. 

Scarsdale Bagels - Scarsdale

sandwich, bacon, bread, ham, tomato
Jessica Stern

Located on Garth Road, Scarsdale Bagels is sure to satisfy your bagel craving. Who doesn't love a fresh, hot bagel slathered with cream cheese for a Sunday morning breakfast? Personally, a "real" bagel is one of the things I miss most while off at school.

Bagels & More - Hartsdale

bread, cream, tomato
Jessica Stern

You can never get too many bagels. Starting your day off with a bagel, lox, and cream cheese and an iced coffee is pure bliss. Or if you are up to it, I highly suggest getting a bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado sandwich. Yum!

Lange's Deli - Scarsdale

sandwich, chicken, turkey, bread, cheese, avocado
Jessica Stern

If you live in Scarsdale, you know what Lange's is. Whether it is a salad, panini, pizza, iced coffee, or one of Sal's famous iced tea lemonades, Lange's is the perfect place to go any time of day. Be prepared to run into everyone you know while you are there, especially during prime lunch time. 

Walter's Hot Dog Stand - Mamaroneck

fish, seafood, meat, barbecue
Jessica Stern

The Walter's Hot Dog Stand is a cute little pagoda located in Mamaroneck. Their hot dogs and hush puppies never fail to delight. Even better, they have a food truck too that can be obtained for all your event needs. 

Parkway Cafe - Scarsdale

cheese, sandwich
Jessica Stern

Omelettes, grilled cheese, salad, you name it. Parkway has it all. Come here with all of your high school friends before you head back to each of your colleges. Want to make your own omelet? Here's how.

Giannoni's Deli - Scarsdale

sandwich, bread
Jessica Stern

Is it even possible to have a trip home and not stop by the famous Nonni's? If you are lucky, there will be a late night when you come to visit. Whether you are a Charlie type of person or a Cajun with bacon type of person (like myself), the sight of a Nonni's sandwich will make your mouth water. Nonni's unique combinations make this deli a crowd favorite.

Cooked & Co - Scarsdale

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Jessica Stern

Cooked and Co. is great for Saturday and Sunday brunch, something we all want to do when we get home from school. Brunch with friends or your family as you eat the popover special or french toast. Love Nutella? Cooked & Co has amazing Nutella french toast AND banana Nutella crunch muffins. You can even bring some muffins back to school to share the deliciousness of Cooked with all your college friends. Here are some other ways you can use Nutella back at school when you aren't granted the luxury of having Cooked right next to your house. 

Buon Amici Deli-  Scarsdale

sandwich, tomato, bread, cheese
Jessica Stern

While you can get a panini at school, nothing compares to a Buon sandwich. Fan favorites 007 or Bruschetta take the sandwich game to a whole new level. 

Sal's Pizza - Mamaroneck

pizza, crust, cheese, mozzarella, sauce, pepperoni
Jessica Stern

If you live in Westchester, you know what Sal's is. While we all claim we can't eat any more pizza because we eat it ALL THE TIME in college, it is near impossible to resist a salad slice from Sal's. After all, salad makes a slice of pizza healthy, right?

Ralph's Italian Ices - Mamaroneck

ice, ice cream, cream, chocolate
Jessica Stern

After you eat your Sal's pizza, head down the street to Ralph's. The flavor options are endless. Want to make ice cream at home or at school? Here is an easy recipe to do so.

Candlelight Inn - Scarsdale

chicken, eggplant
Jessica Stern

In the mood for bar food? Candlelight Inn is the place for that. I highly suggest getting broccoli poppers, which consist of gooey cheese, broccoli, and bacon fried to perfection. Wings are a must have as well, along with waffle fries. If you are up to it, ask for melted cheese on top of the fries. It's okay, we will go to the gym when we get back to school.

Rockys Millwood Deli - Millwood

egg, bacon, fried egg, cheese, sauce
Sarah Cziner

Just because you aren't at school at the moment doesn't mean you can't satisfy your late night cravings. Open 24/7, Rocky's is a flocking place for everyone after a late night out. At midnight, a Hashtag is all you need.

Sushi Mike's - Dobbs Ferry

avocado, sushi, wasabi
Jessica Stern

Of course, sushi is a must have when you come home for break. Sushi Mike's never fails to impress. Take this quiz to see what sushi roll you should order.

Smallcakes - Scarsdale

chocolate, cupcake, peppermint, marshmallow, cream
Jessica Stern

A new addition to Central Ave., Smallcakes will satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Get just a cupcake or add ice cream to it for that little something extra.