Weekends are, in my mind, supposed to be filled with productivity, whether that be working on all my homework or getting my lazy butt to the gym. But usually it's me eating out at restaurants and spending way too much time in downtown Grand Rapids. Whether it's to try something new or just to kill a few hours before your next class, these restaurants are sure to satisfy. 

Allendale MI

1) Main St. Pub

chips, cheese, steak
Laura Quinting

Getting the munchies at 10 p.m. isn't a problem for Main St. Mostly attracting Grand Valley Students their deals are a sure-fire way to be satisfied for less. The Pub Burger (see photo) is only $3.99 with fries on Tuesdays after 9 p.m. Their specials such as kids eat free and $.50 tacos are sure to make Main St. your go to night out.

2) Mully's

sweet, chicken wings, potato, beer, chicken
Laura Quinting

Going through B Dubs withdrawals from back home, but also have next to nothing in my bank account led me to Mully's. Their wings on Wednesdays are only $.50 each. Add on a domestic beer for $1.99 to wash down the BBQ sauce. Along with other specials like discounts on cocktails, karaoke, and being close to pretty much every GV off campus apartment, Mully's will be sure to deliver in both taste and atmosphere. 

3) Murphy's Family Restaurant

omelet, cheese, omelette
Laura Quinting

Finding something to eat after class in my apartment has usually consisted of boiling eggs and eating English muffins. But that all changed when breakfast food was an option till 2 p.m. Murphy's provides lunch and breakfast options such as a killer Irish Benny which is a twist on the typical Eggs Benedict.

The Irish Benny uses poached eggs, thousand island dressing, Swiss, and corn beef. If that seems like a lot try their challenge. The place will name an omelet off you if you manage to finish a 17 egg omelet in 30 or less min free of charge. Sounds EGG-cellent.

Grand Rapids MI

1) Taco Boy

chicken, tacos
Laura Quinting

Taco Bell prices with none of the guilt. Taco Boy sells fast Mexican food that ranges from tacos, enchiladas, and tamales. They also feature wet burritos as well as Mexican desserts: the Crispa and the Chaco Taco. So, if your craving Taco's but want to avoid the stomach ache, Taco Boy has got you covered.

2) Electric Cheetah 

fried egg, toast, ham, bacon, egg
Laura Quinting

What is this delicious monstrosity? It is none other than Electric Cheetah's Open face Monte Cristo. A regular Monte Cristo has a base of French toast, turkey, ham, and cheese but what you do beyond that is up to you.

Price wise Electric Cheetah ranges between $10-$15 on usual items. The restaurant features sandwiches like clubs to dishes that make veggies the center of attention, the singing eggplant is sure to make even a meat eater want a bite. 

3) Parsley Mediterranean Bar and Grill

tomato, shish kebab, steak, lamb, pork, pepper, barbecue, meat, beef, kebab
Laura Quinting

When I first went in here, a friend of mine had suggested it wasn't too spicy, which I don't do. After spending about $14 on lunch, thinking that was a decent chunk of money I was proven wrong.

Not only did I eat till I was full but I had plenty of leftovers, the portions are ginormous. Their grilled lamb rice bowl ($8) along with their chicken lemon rice soup ($4) is giving me serious withdrawals.

4) Grove

Laura Quinting

Grove's mantra is farm to table dining and supporting locally grown as well as providing customers with prepared foods in the most cautious and delicious way. Considered to be a newer restaurant Grove sweeps the competition away with artfully made food that tastes as good as it looks.

Prices range from $8-20, and their vegan/vegetarian menu is what really draws people in. From beet soup to veggie tacos to even fried brassicas (kung pao, cilantro, sesame, buttermilk vinaigrette (V), Grove is sure to have something for the vegan/vegetarian in your life.

5) Maru Sushi Grand Rapids

tuna, rice, meat, platter, salmon, fish, vegetable, seafood, sushi
Laura Quinting

Maru Sushi keeps location and aesthetics high with seasonal patio use as well as modern and sleep furnishings. But looking good on the outside isn't all they're good at. Their sushi ranges give a lot more than the usual Meijer made brand you get to curb your appetite.

Their featured foods are "sharing plates" such as tempura and edamame as well as their signature rolls like the Ocean's Eleven and Cosmo. There is sure to be a roll for you, and to wash it all down don't forget to drink at the bar. 25% sushi days are a life saver. 

6) Stella's Lounge

chicken, pork, egg, vegetable, beef, meat
Laura Quinting

Known to be one of the best burgers in town, depending on who you ask, Stella's has a high reputation. Stella's provides top notch burgers from $10-$12. Their "creature feature" has me intrigued but the White Lightning is a crowd favorite.

The burger contains white bean, green pea and mushroom, which then is coated in tortilla chips and smothered in spicy black bean chili. Try the best burger in town for prices even your mother would approve. 

7) Twisted Rooster

Laura Quinting

Newer restaurant Twisted Rooster is taking Grand Rapids by storm or should I say stomachs. Not only does the place have a bar but also uses local ingredients to serve only the freshest foods to its consumers. Their BBQ & Chicken Gouda Quesadillas are sure to pack a flavor punch.

The prices range from $9-$20 and Michigan Greens section in their menu gives readers an idea what dishes have the locally made dishes. From burgers to salads to starters that are as delicious as maple custard fried pickles the possibilities are endless. 

These restaurants will help the busy body in you, to tell you to slow down, enjoy the meal and explore. GR and Allendale have food restaurants galore and why not see if there is one you haven't heard of. Keep the eggs and English muffins aside, I just want to eat one of those Irish Benny's.