Before visiting Ireland, the two things I associated with the country were potatoes and Yeats. Thankfully that changed when I traveled to Ireland for a creative writing trip with Putney Student Travels before junior year. Not only did I gain back my creative confidence, but I also had the chance to experience Dublin, which is one of Ireland's most treasured cities.

While walking to different sites in Dublin, my group leaders showed us some incredible restaurants in the city. Through Dublin's food scene I was able to gain a better understanding of Irish culture. If you're taking a trip to Ireland any time soon, check out this list of the ten must-visit restaurants in Dublin.

1. Cornucopia

This casual yet comfy spot is organic, vegetarian, and caters to a variety of diets. Come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you'll be sure to find a cornucopia of options to choose from. Their rotating menu will ensure that your choices are always delicious and exciting.

2. The Boxty House

Named after boxty, a traditional Irish potato pancake, this restaurant incorporates this staple into many of their dishes. The Boxty House serves all three types of boxty: boiled, baked, and pancake style. Their combination of traditional, age-old recipes with new, exciting flavors makes for uniquely tasty dishes. 

3. Montys of Kathmandu

This spot for Nepalese cuisine is not to be missed. With so many complex flavors to choose from, Montys of Kathmandu offers individual dishes and tasting menus for those who want a bit of everything.

4. Temple Bar Food Market

Temple Bar food market occurs every Saturday, with local food producers setting up stands in this lively area. Surrounded by Temple Bar and so many delicious options, how could a day in Dublin be better?

5. Hatch and Sons

This casual and beautiful restaurant offers comforting dishes ideal for gray, rainy days. Their all-day dining allows you to stop in for a bite for any meal. 

6. Lemon Crepe and Coffee

This fast but delicious restaurant is the place to get your crepe fix. Lemon Crepe and Coffee offers a multitude of sweet and savory options; if you're an Indian food fanatic, you're sure to love their chicken cheese tikka tomato. Whether you're looking for dinner or dessert, make sure you hit up Lemon Coffee and Crepe to eat some French classics with an Irish twist.

7. The Lovinspoon

Lovinspoon is a cozy restaurant famous for their traditional Irish breakfast. Not into meat? No need to worry: the vegetarian option is equally delicious.

8. The Winding Stair

Named after the Yeats poem "The Winding Stair", this restaurant and bookstore pairing is a must-visit for literary lovers. Look over out to the River Liffey and see the Ha'Penny bridge while dining on delicious Irish classics for dinner and dessert.

9. Murphy's Ice Cream

An Irish favorite with multiple shops around the country, Murphy's makes their own natural ice cream without artificial flavors. Their options range all the way from caramelized brown bread to caramel honeycomb, and can be ordered in a cup or cone. Even if it's cold out, you'll still want to stop by this ice cream shop.

10. Beshoff Bros

Finally, an Irish classic: fish and chips. Beshoff Bros has been ruling the fish and chip scene since 1939. They promote sustainable fishing practices and only use potatoes from environmentally-friendly farms. These fish and chips are a treat you can feel good about. 

I count myself lucky that I was able to visit this amazing city and have these opportunities as a student. Because my group and I immersed ourselves in the culture of Dublin, I got a glimpse of all the wonderful things that Ireland has to offer.