When you're debating between getting Chinese food or Italian, there's a clear solution: neither. Nepali food is going to be your new favorite meal. 

Nepal is a small country sandwiched between India and China—and that’s usually the extent of what most people know about Nepal. The country is famed for being home to Mount Everest, a rich culture and, unfortunately, the devastating earthquake that occurred in 2015.

What many people are not so familiar with are the unique and delicious dishes of Nepali cuisine. Prepare to salivate.

1. MO:MO

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What it is: A steamed dumpling filled with meat and/or vegetables.

Why you should try it: You can put whatever you want inside. Whether you're a veggie-lover or meat-lover, spice it up however you wish and let yourself fall in love!

Seriously, try it. I have yet to meet a person who DOESN’T like MoMo.

2. Dal Bhat

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What it is: Bhat = rice, Dal = Lentil soup

Why you should try it: Nepali people live on this stuff. This is the most traditional and common Nepali dish and it can usually be paired with other vegetables or chicken to create a satisfying everyday meal.

Most Nepali people will tell you they feel they haven’t eaten if they don’t eat dal bhat at least once a day.

3. Sel Roti

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What it is: A ring shaped, sweet rice bread/doughnut usually prepared during special occasions such as Tihar/Dashain.

Why you should try it: I mean, don’t you wanna try it just by looking at it? It’s like a donut but a bit thinner. Not to mention it’s soft and perfect with those who have a sweet tooth but for those who don’t, less sugar can be added.

A must try delicacy.

4. Yomari

What it is: A rice flour dough mixed with molasses filling. A Newari dish, usually eaten for the celebration of the full moon during the month of December.

Why you should try it: There is nothing like this. Just looking at the dish, you don't expect the sweet filling. There's a perfect ratio of the dough and the molasses filling. 

5. Kheer

What it is: Rice pudding

Why you should try it: It's not just any kind of regular rice pudding. Every recipe is different when it comes to making kheer. Most people will add raisins, cashews, coconut, and different spices, it's really up to personal preference.  

Nepal is a tiny place but it is huge in culture, so don't miss out on these mouthwatering dishes.