Sometimes the restaurants in Lexington can get a little boring after visiting them constantly, but there's no doubt that I'm missing at least one of these places at some point during break. The KFC in my hometown really doesn't compare to Canes. Maybe it's the company, atmosphere, or just the food itself, but there are great memories behind just about any of these places.

Whether it's 2 pm or 2 am, these restaurants are always a good choice for UK students. 

Blaze Pizza

Making your own pizza has never been easier than a quick stop before tailgating at Blaze.This pizza restaurant makes it easy to eat out, even for the picky eaters. Although usually the motivation to go here is for fundraiser nights.  

Local Taco

Close to the bars, this is a great place to indulge in some tacos and quesadillas. You can even order Jarritos, which makes the meal just a little more authentic. 

Street Craves

This restaurant was inspired by the city, and instead of a number, guests are given Lexington street names. There are some pretty bomb salads, tacos, and Unbelievable Freakin' Burgers. There's even an incredible brunch menu that includes plates such as Mexican-style chilaquiles.


The Canes sauce. Do I need to say more?

Cook Out

Although most of the time spent here is past midnight, it really is the place to go if you have the munchies. Cheap and quick, it satisfies your drunken state easily.


Intoxicated or not, the food is always delicious. The Greek paddles against the walls also make it a fairly established college restaurant. Unfortunately, it's open 24/7, which makes the Freshman 15 an easier task. 

Noodles & Company

Probably the best hangover cure, or overall just a good hangout place to eat between classes. 


This is the place to be when you want to watch the game and grub on some pizza. It's almost as fun as watching the sporting event live. 

Common Grounds

It's hard to not stop by at least once as a student here, especially since there's one on campus. I still crave the chicken chipotle melt and strawberry banana milkshake every time I pass by before class.

Insomnia Cookies

There's nothing like freshly baked cookies at 1 am, or just for a little pick-me-up during finals week. Either way, this can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you don't go to any of these places before you graduate, did you even go to UK?