Ten minutes away from campus, MOD Pizza is the go-to place to build a one of a kind pizza. It is an original, super fast, and casual place to go for dinner if you want to explore off campus. It accommodates everyone's dietary restrictions, whether you are gluten or dairy free. I love making my own pizza, choosing exactly what I want on it. And the question is, who doesn't love pizza? Here are reasons to jump off campus to try this magical place.

1. You can Make your own Pizza

Unlike an Italian restaurant, MOD Pizza allows you to make your own pizza. Whether you want meat, vegetables, extra cheese, or different sauces, MOD has them all. My favorite combination is mozzarella, red sauce, tomatoes, and garlic, topped with pesto drizzle.

2. It's not only Pizza

Not a huge fan of pizza? Trying to be healthy? Don't worry, MOD doesn't have just pizza, they have salads too. You can get everything you want on a pizza, but just in a form of a salad this time. Sometimes it's better to detox with Freshman 15.

3. Their Milkshakes are Amazing

Who would ever think to get a milkshake at MOD? I know I would never think so. In matter of fact, they are delicious. They have a variety of flavors, from cookies and cream, to chocolate, to strawberry.

4. You don't even have to Build your own Pizza

Sometimes, building your own can be stressful. Don't worry, they have a ton of pizza's that are one of a kind. Some include the Maddy, Dillion James, or even the Jasper. They list a variety, so be sure to check them out before you order.

5. You can get a Salad Pizza

I know for a fact that I love getting salad on a pizza. It allows you to pack whatever lettuce and toppings you want. Some just want to be healthy, but not completely. Just because salad is involved, doesn't mean it is healthy with dough just below it.

6. Why not get it to go?

Although sitting down at MOD is quick, you can get your pizza in a to-go box. It makes it that simple to take out from there. Maybe it is more a girls night or a pizza party with tons of people.

7. They have sides too!

Once again, it is not only pizza. Just like dominos, there are garlic and cinnamon sticks. Ordering two types of carbs is better than one.

8. There are a variety of Drinks

They have one of a kind beverages to go with your pizza. There are a variety of ice tea and lemonade flavors, to help you get on a sugar high.

9. The Price is Reasonable

Unlike an Italian restaurant, MOD Pizza is personalized and only ranges from eight to ten dollars. It is a reasonable price, and a place so many college kids flood on the weekends.

10. And their Pizza is just Delicious

Overall, MOD Pizza is one of my favorite places to dine at off campus. It's good quality, quick, and an easy place to dine at that is off campus. And once again, who doesn't love pizza?